K.R.Y. : The Full Works

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Yesung, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook are a like-minded bunch, and share the same wicked sense of humour. By virtue of their good voices, they create the sub-unit, K.R.Y.. This multi-chaptered story explores how three of them got closer to one another, especially as Kyuhyun, the youngest, was not liked at the first instance of his joining the music group. Introverts rule!





These three are SIMPLY SUBLIME! They are cute onscreen and offscreen, and have blindingly gifted voices. I always thought three of them are quite deep-thinking creatures, with a breadth of insight that isn't usually displayed in their interviews and performances. I thought it would be good to explore the motivations behind their onscreen alter egos, nuances in their characters, and their rich personalities.

In the world of MBTI, I share the same personality type as Yesung, which makes me quite able to understand why he's so quiet or awkward on talkshows. I can understand Ryeowook's and Kyuhyun's personalities to some extent, and wish to shed light on the power of those who are quiet and intuitive.


Look at how young they are! Those boyish grins and awkward hairstyles! Cute!

Super Junior K.R.Y Profiles – It's a KPOP Way of Life


And look how polished they are now! One by one, they dyed their hair pink like Yesung, when he released his song 'Pink Magic', hahaha!

Super junior kry | Super junior, Yesung

I hope you like my first story on Asianfanfics. It's written from a first person perspective, that is, from Kyuhyun's perspective. Observations will be viewed from what he can see, smell, hear and touch :D Have fun reading
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