Playing Pretend


Life is all about choices and what we make out of it. There are times that we do things that are quite unexpected. Something that is beyond the spectrum of possibilities. And a memorable experience would always be a product of a good and tiny bit of bad decisions. 

But there are also those that completely changes your life. It might be because of a small moment or a certain feeling. Better yet, it could be a someone. 

As for me, that 360 degree turn happened back when I was in college. I still remember how I was being held down by a stone-cold gaze as it pierced right through me. I was holding my breath the entire time and kept rubbing my sweaty palms on my lap. I grew anxious in each passing minute. The event from that very day remains vivid in my memory. 

“Mr. Jeong Jaehyun, please go out with me.”

The moment I said those words, I was a hundred percent confident of myself that I knew what I was going in to. 

What I didn’t know was that the possibility of something so fleeting could leave a big impact in my life. 

And this is where it all started.

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