One Summer Day

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What if these two strangers meet at the most unexpected event? What if their relationship comes to more than strangers?

Lee Jieun is an average girl with a normal life. Happy family. One best friend who she had since middle school. And a perfect boyfriend who loves her just as much as she do and few of the girls in her school are obviously jealour of her because he get to be in a relationship with the captain of Seunguk High Basketball Team.

Lu Han is also one of the popular crowd but he's not that well-known for some of the kids because he rarely socialize with people and he doesn't talk much. But when he's on the field, he plays like a professional because soccer was his life.

They always meet in the hall, cafeteria, anyplace in the school but they have shown zero interest with each other. But their line of sight for each other came into view and when Jieun tries to bail her best friend out of detention, she was surprise to see another company in the room.

And in Jieun's moment of depression, she decided to spend her summer away from her home but she didn't expect that someone was also spending their summer at the same destination as she is. Jieun feels something different whenever she's with Lu Han and Lu Han feels a different kind of person whenever she's with Jieun. What will be the adventures of life they have to go through?

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Sorry, I really in descriptions.


"I love her even before I knew her name. She took away my attention from everybody else and the spotlight fell on her. I love her laugh. I love her smile. I love everything about her. If I was the star, she was my whole galaxy." -Lu Han




"His hand was like the sun. It felt like I was holding the sun – not the whole of it – but a slight piece of it, like I was carrying the sun the way back and my hand abruptly yearns for it." -Lee Jieun




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