My Girlfriend Turned Into a Dog

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One lazy morning Joohyun stirred awake after feeling something fluffy tickling against her cheek. " it morning already? Happy birthday baby..." 

Upon opening her eyes, instead of seeing her lovely girlfriend beside her, her view was blocked by what appeared to be a soft cloud. Craning her head over to get a better look she finally came face to face with a big, white dog, with very big, sharp teeth.


I had a sudden burst of inspiration and wanted to write before I lost it. I was actually thinking about this prompt for a while after seeing all the Wan Samoyed edits/fanart, but didn't act on it until now. Enjoy!


Hi everyone! There's no update to the story, I just went back to clean any grammatical errors or typos I might have missed. I am curious though if people would be interested in reading more about PuppyWan and Joohyun's story, or a spinoff version? Just to get an idea.
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