1 + 1 fools = ?

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Shuhua and Miyeon always had a certain relationship that is both as ambiguous as obviously intimate. However, their combined brain power can’t make them realise the extent of their love as they always end up challenging each other in the dumbest ways possible. Here is the story of 2 idiots in love and their friends trying to solve the quadratic equation that is their feelings.

Spoiler alert : they’re terrible in math.

Or, how Miyeon and Shuhua will navigate through their complicated feelings with the help of their friends. 


Hey there !

My first Mishu work had earned quite a lot of positive responses and now that I'm back from my 2 months trip abroad I can finally post and update as an author. This was literally born from my terribly jet-lagged self at the airport and I started writing several scenes during my flights. I have a rough idea on where I want the story to go but it's fairly unplanned and it will probably grow with the flow as more scenes will pop up in my head every now and then. 

I hope you like it and you all had a great summer. For my part I met Gidle in their concert in Jakarta and omg Miyeon gave me a heart during the farewell session I almost screamed. Anyhow, hope you enjoy this.

I know I said I’d try to update this pretty regularly but it just so happen that after uploading the 2nd chapter my life has been a real mess. Family issues, college issues, health issues you name it I have it. Moreover I started working part time lately which cuts my free time short by A LOT.
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