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Shuhua and Miyeon always had a certain relationship that is both as ambiguous as obviously intimate. However, their combined brain power can’t make them realise the extent of their love as they always end up challenging each other in the dumbest ways possible. Here is the story of 2 idiots in love and their friends trying to solve the quadratic equation that is their feelings.

Spoiler alert : they’re terrible in math.

Or, how Miyeon and Shuhua will navigate through their complicated feelings with the help of their friends. 


Hey there !

My first Mishu work had earned quite a lot of positive responses and now that I'm back from my 2 months trip abroad I can finally post and update as an author. This was literally born from my terribly jet-lagged self at the airport and I started writing several scenes during my flights. I have a rough idea on where I want the story to go but it's fairly unplanned and it will probably grow with the flow as more scenes will pop up in my head every now and then. 

I hope you like it and you all had a great summer. For my part I met Gidle at their concert in Jakarta and omg Miyeon gave me a heart during the farewell session I almost screamed. Anyhow, hope you enjoy this.

Happy Miyeon day ~ (also belated Shushu day). Wish them both the best and success with this new comeback!<3

Thank you all for the 166 subs, 10 upvotes and the comments you leave me, they make me feel absolutely elated ever time I read them.


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1200 streak #1
Chapter 1: Something tells me this is about to be complicated 🤣🤣
twiceonce999 #2
Chapter 6: I LUV U AUTHOR-NIM, been waiting for tooooo loooongggf, but it's worth the wait.... I'm excited for the upcoming chapters, thank u for writing again, u r the best.... <3<3<3
Chapter 5: I have so many things to say, firstly; I’m loving their chemistry 😮‍💨 It’s so obvious there’s something more going on, but denial is strong af, even Yiren saw that lol I really wish Shuhua would treat Miyeon better. I mean, Miyeon is giving her 110% and even tho Shuhua has her own reasons for her panic acting near Miyeon, she’s just way too hard on the poor hamster 😭💜 she just has to leave her tsundere side move and accept she likes Miyeon, or at least show her she’s on the same channel and give a little bit back. I just wanna see them happy together :,(
I also would like to compliment your writing because gOD the way swallow the chapters like they’re gourmet. The pacing is amazing and the narrative is soft and hilarious, I love the humor you put on certain moments, it truly was a rollercoaster of feelings. I also really appreciate how long the chapters are. I feel like everything is well explained, doesn’t feel rushed, nor slow, it’s just perfect.
Finally, I hope you’re doing great and school and projects aren’t too tight. I would love if you continue this fic because it quickly became one of my favorites, but your health comes first, and above all the things that I said I hoped, I just wish for you to be okay 💜 I really loved what you built in here ! :)
Chapter 2: Not the lady Gaga meme lol I laughed so loud in that part. Honestly Miyeon is so whipped for Shuhua like damn where do I get one of those? :,) poor baby had her heart broken by the end but I’m sure Shuhua will fix it… right?
Chapter 1: I was having such a nice time thinking the chapters would be quite long (I enjoy lengthy readings) until I read the notes lol still that was a beautiful introduction! I love their chemistry! Their personalities are so entertaining to read :,)
Madipopopp #6
Chapter 5: author will there be a continuation of the story?
Madipopopp #7
Chapter 5: when will there be a continuation of this wonderful story?)
ImCape #8
Chapter 5: Thank you for the update 😭 your story is really good author-nim 😭
Chapter 5: Hello author nim! I just decide to open my aff, and i beyond happy when saw notif you update your story!! Aaaaaaa thank you cure my sadness self, this is so cute and make my blushing too what the hell happened to me😭😭😭 but i still not understand why Shuhua suddenly, think like that in the last part? Because she cant help Soojin? Or because her suitcase? Anyways! Thank you for update!! I already read it twice and i will read again again until you update hahaha!! HAVE NICE DAY AUTHOR NIM
wkim01 #10
Welcome back author!