Winter Dahlia (Got7 Jinyoung X OC)


Park Jinyoung thought he knew the woman that he held in his arms, that he called his wife and professed his love for. In the blink of an eye, his Princess Consort suddenly turned into Soyoung Annalisa Adamir, the strongest ruler in the entire continent, and Jinyoung finds himself swept off to the chaotic world of the Allegria royal court. When a relationship starts with a lie, will the two royals be able to truly love each other?


Character List:

Soyoung Annalisa Adamir - 20 years old, Queen of Allegria. She rose to fame as a military expert from a young age and took the throne after her elder brothers were killed in a war with the neighboring country Comodo and subsequent internal fighting. She’s calm and can be calculative to get what she wants, but her final goal is always what she thinks is best for the country’s peace and stability.


Jinyoung Park - 20 years old, Third prince of Assai. A kindhearted book lover and his brother’s trusted companion and confidante. He originally intended to live his days peacefully as his brother’s strongest supporter. He finds Soyoung hard to read and often ends up misunderstanding her actions, especially because she often chooses not to tell him things.


Hyojun Im - 24 years old, Prime Minister of Allegria. He’s the youngest prime minister ever to be named to the position in Allegria and is also Soyoung’s most trusted subordinate despite her complicated relationship with the rest of the Im family.


Eunseong Leandro Adamir - 20 years old, Soyoung’s twin brother. He is a gentle healer, the exact opposite of his sister and is usually the only one allowed near her when she’s sick or injured.


Hayoung Amelie Adamir - 18 years old, Soyoung and Eunseong’s younger half sister. Haughty and arrogant, she’s been spoiled since childhood because of the previous king’s favor for her mother. She acts like a pure angel in front of adults but is actually a conniving person, particularly in front of Soyoung. She hates Soyoung for marrying her off to a lesser noble and executing her mother. 


Diedrich Etienne Ivo - 25 years old, king of Comodo. As a prince, he led the war against Allegria that killed Soyoung’s brothers in an attempt to take over the entire Allegria. He finds Soyoung a mysterious woman and currently acts cordial towards her, but actually holds unknown intentions. 



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Hey there, remember me? I just saw your sequel (sorts) post in Phoenix Aurora and here I am! And looking at the forword, I see many familiar characters. But I assume this is from an alternate universe and hence, the storyline is different? Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading the story. But will be back later to do so ^^
Jamess #2
nice 😄