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A person has three faces...

One for their loved ones...

The second one is for their friends...

And the third one is for themselves...

A face that they never show to anyone...

Others saw what she wanted them to see...

Her life was one big mystery...

A mystery only she understood...

For you see... she was the boogeywoman...

That everyone feared...

Yet no one knew... or did they?




Lee Areum, 25, Tattoo Artist, Illegal racer

Park Chanyeol, 27, Illegal Racer, freelance journalist

Oh Sehun, 27, Detective, Crime Division Unit

Park Hana, 22, Artist, Art Dealer


Kim Junmyeon
Do Kyungsoo
Byun Baekhyun
Lay Zhang
Kim Jongin
Lee Jong Suk



A/N: There will be strong language and ual content at times. You have been warned. Feel free to comment and upvote!

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A special thanks to sweetasimay for creating the wonderful picture in the foreword section and chapters! Thank you, love! 

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