(So Glad That I) Woke Up


OEC the band but make the main vocalist (KL) and drummer (JS) exes. All is well until Jungeun suggests something game-changing for the band; a possible line-up change.

Oh and the exes-turned-bandmates got tangled into acting for a web-drama where they're supposed to act out a deteriorating relationship. They've managed to keep it professional up until they have to act out an argument that hit way too close to home.

(and yes, the title's from adventure time)


main vocal/guitarist - jungeun
drummer/occasional producer & lyricist - jinsol
bass/lead vocal - hyunjin
producer/keyboardist - yerim
[they all sing tho. hyunjin jus has more adlibs and hidden vocal stuff]
manager & bodyguard - jiwoo

major warning that ive never been in a band so this is all bull but you know what . its whatever . no one was ever gna write this fanfic unless i put it out in the universe first

this is to my friend that wanted me to write angsty lipsoul, ur not gna be happy w this but heyyy ihy >;]

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