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A/N: drum cover i had on repeat while writing: Nine Inch Nails "Head Like a Hole" (Drum Version)






Arriving at the venue, Odd Eye Circle make their way to the stage where the instruments and bits of props are already prepared. "Hey, girls!" Their manager, Jiwoo, is already prepped with all sorts of wires and gear on her. She's jumping around, checking everything.


Of course, even if they're a four-membered band, they always bought their fellow musician friends to do a song or two during theirs. On a somewhat similar note, they could bring their girlfriends along if they wanted. Being a band, dating wasn't anything to be worried about.


In fact, Jiwoo even encouraged it before they made their official debut as Odd Eye Circle. In a way, they were somewhat thankful for it, because if she didn't push Jungeun to confess, they wouldn't have found a drummer to play with.


Yeah, Odd Eye Circle was originally a mere three-membered band. During their predebut days, Jinsol was momentary kept as a blurred girl during her short cameos in content that involved filming at their company's studio. Jungeun always invited her to drop by even if Jinsol got flustered. Though much to her surprise, Hyunjin and Yerim actually bonded well with Jinsol. So, if Jungeun wasn't the one inviting her over, it'd be the two girls instead.


Since it was a studio, they had the usual band instruments at their disposal. If they were on break, you'd often find them messing around with a different instrument. Which led to Jinsol finding herself on the drums on one faithful day.


It was another day of practice. The members decided it'd be nice to film a bit of content for their "Oh, you're here? (어, 왔어?)" predebut video series. Instead of the usual updates on concepts, members or their upcoming debut production, they filmed themselves playing around with the other instruments.


Hyunjin was the first to mess around with the drums. Yerim followed soon after Hyunjin started to play with the keyboard whilst Jungeun was fiddling with the bass. Filming the whole ordeal, Jinsol sort of felt like a mom filming her kids preparing for a band recital.


Who knew having experience as a fansite would lead her here?


As Yerim clashes the sticks against the cymbals and drum, she looks up at Jinsol and gets an idea. She stops with the drums and offers the sticks to Jinsol. "You look like you wanna play, Unnie."


Well, she isn't wrong. Jinsol can't lie and say that after spending all this time with OEC, the thought of joining the band herself hasn't crossed her mind at all. Slightly lowering the camera, Jinsol makes a face that asked, "Can I really?"


To which Yerim happily responds with, "Yes, really!"


And so, that's how Jinsol wound up on the drums. She jokingly played, but it wasn't bad. At least not as bad as a child getting their grubby hands on drumsticks and just hitting everything with it. Jungeun spotted a unique twinkle in her eyes when Jinsol got a little into it.


Skeptical at first, Jinsol rejected their offer about learning how to play the drums for real. She felt like she couldn't be part of this band, not when they're so close to finalizing their debut. But Jungeun was stubborn. She had told her company about Jinsol's musically-inclined side and, well, the rest is history from that point on.


Jinsol begins training at Blockberry Creative, resulting in OEC's debut getting moved to a later date and as compensation they release a predebut track titled, 'LOONATIC'. Slowly but surely, Jinsol gets a hang of the drums and they can finally start releasing teasers. When her teaser gets released, the very little predebut fans they gathered before the line-up change recognize Jinsol as the now closed Kim Lip fansite, 'Eclipse'. The issue, if you could call it that, made a couple heads turn toward OEC as it's not every day you hear a band holding back their debut only for it to be revealed that a best friend-turned-huge supportive fan-to official member was added in.







Odd Eye Circle made their groundbreaking debut with the song 'ODD Front'. During live performances, Yerim would start the song with her launchpad, gradually adding more and more of the instrumentals before she finally takes the mic and says her line with a husk to it. "Everything's gonna be alright," She says, ending with a wink to the audience and that's the rest of the girls' cue to start vocalizing.


There's always that rush of adrenaline when playing live in front of a packed venue. Not much of their songs require Jinsol to go crazy on the drums. Only for Sweet Crazy Love, LOONATIC & ODD Front does she go all out for it. But on songs like Chaotic, Jinsol takes her time to admire the fanbase they've built up since they do come from a relatively unknown company. Nothing could ever top the feeling, at least not to Jinsol.


"You did so well!" Sooyoung engulfs Jungeun in a tight hug after the band finished up interacting with their fans and personally led them out of the venue. It's back to being empty except for them and a couple staff members. "I'll never get over how different you are on stage, Jungie."


"It's because you're in the audience, Youngie. I always look forward to spotting you in the crowd," Jungeun drawls out behind a dopey grin. She leans in for a kiss on the lips, triggering Hyunjin and Yerim to playfully react negatively to the affectionate display.


Right. Her and Jungeun broke up somewhere along the way. If you asked either of them, they wouldn't give you an answer as to why. Jinsol's pretty sure her mind blocked most of her memories with Jungeun. and Jungeun simply prefers not to talk about it now that she's got a new girl.


Jinsol pays no mind to her squabbling bandmates. She keeps to herself and assists in helping the staff clean up the stage. Jiwoo lingers around her, staring with a worried gaze that Jinsol ignores despite how much it burns.







Hyunjin and Yerim were the happiest during the shoots and performances. As expected from their maknaes, Jungeun thinks. They were always jumping around the stage whilst performing. Jungeun could never hold back from participating herself. Jinsol would watch them with a huge smile, more so when Yerim would pester her as she sang her lines. They even made up a bit where Yerim would hop over to stop the cymbals before the final chorus could drop, she'd rush over to her launchpad to start up that galaxical instrumental back on, look over to Jinsol and—


♪ 이런 내 맘이 COOL ♪


And that wraps up their last day of promotions! It was a hectic week and a half, but they wouldn't have had it any other way. The drive back to their dorm was loud and proud. You'd think after celebrating over dinner using the company card would've used up their energy and yet here were the four girls still buzzing with excitement with a lot to say about everything. Even when they've settled back into practicing in the company studio and releasing a couple band covers here and there, Yerim was still amped up.


Jinsol's the first to get in the studio. For someone who plays a loud instrument, she sure craves for moments of complete silence like right now. But work is work. She whips out her customized drumsticks and wraps her headphones around her neck. Her leg bounces as she looks for a song to play. Feeling heavier than usual, she chooses 'Head Like a Hole' by Nine Inch Nails.


"You're here earlier than usual."


The drummer flinches at the unexpected new voice to come in. She sees it's just Jiwoo and goes back to her Ipad screen. "Oh, uh, yeah. I just felt extra productive today." When Jiwoo squints, unconvinced, Jinsol purses her lips. Fortunately for her, her bandmates come in through the door. They're early. Huh..


"Wah, Jinsol-unnie, you didn't wake me up!" Hyunjin whines. Yerim and Jungeun head straight for the couch where Jiwoo also sat. "C'mon, let's play that song," The bassist gestures to her Ipad before going to get her bass. Jinsol quirks an eyebrow at the girl's subtle expression change, but says nothing and lets the song play.


Jinsol starts it off strong, harshly hitting the sticks against the drum and cymbals. Hyunjin bops her head along as the drums build up. When it hits the 25 second mark, she fires up the bass, matching Jinsol's energy.


♪ God money, don't want everything she wants it all ♪


Noticing the subtle change in the lyric when Jinsol sings that particular line, Jungeun suddenly gestures for her and Yerim to join in. Yerim smiles brightly as she takes up her spot on the keys. Jungeun wordlessly grabs her guitar and joins in when Hyunjin sings the chorus. Jiwoo watches them, picking up on the weird tension between the guitarist and drummer, but it isn't her business, so she just watches the scene unfold itself. What she doesn't expect is for Jungeun to continue conversing with her.


"So," She heaves a sigh. "I've been thinking.."


Jiwoo already feels like her heart's gonna drop to her stomach at what's gonna come out of Jungeun's mouth.


"Sooyoung wants to be part of the band." The other three exchange looks then glance over at Jiwoo and Jungeun's back with confusion written all over their faces. "Maybe, she can be our drummer?"


Jinsol, who was keeping her composure, breaks her resolve and smacks the cymbal hard enough to make the rest of the girls flinch at how loud it was. Jungeun turns to look at her with furrowed eyebrows, lips parting to scold her, but Jinsol beats her to it. "Ah, so you're going to replace me, again?"


Seeing her eyes widen, Jinsol holds her glare. Jungeun lets go of the guitar, letting it hang against her front. "I didn't mean it that way—"


♪ No, you can't take that away from me ♪


Jinsol scoffs, rolling her eyes. She amps up her drumming up to 100, effectively muting out whatever sorry excuse Jungeun's going to come up with now. "It's just—"


♪ Head like a hole, black as your soul ♪


Jungeun visibly gets upset. "Can you go easy on the drums," She shouts, only for it to fall onto deaf ears. "Please?"


♪ I'd rather die than give you control ♪


"I can't hear you!" Jinsol snarls, not letting up as she continues playing with every ounce of strength she has in her system. Jiwoo feels dry up at how Jinsol looks like she's about to combust if she doesn't stop any time soon.


♪ Bow down before the one you serve ♪


Yerim, who was all smiles moments before, looks at Jungeun with a heavy frown. Hyunjin makes her way to stop Jinsol before she ends up hurting herself from this. Still, Jinsol continues, pushing Hyunjin's hand off her shoulder. Just before the last two lines of the song, Jinsol unexpectedly erupts; drumsticks slipping off her hands, flying off somewhere in the studio with the cymbals resonating around the studio's walls.


Jinsol stands up, breathing heavily. She looks at everyone in the eye, leaving Jungeun for last. When they look eyes, the room immediately feels suffocating.


♪ Bow down before the one you serve ♪


She parts her lips to say something, but decides against it. Pursing her lips, Jinsol lets out a disappointed sigh and runs out of the studio.


♪ You're gonna get what you deserve ♪






A/N: might rewrite this whole thing lol idk.. its kinda.. lacking to me???

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