After discovering the power of Manpasikjeok and returning the world to its proper setting, the King of Corea developed a new hobby, traveling through time and universes.


And one day, the king and his beloved captain encounter a universe identical to theirs in every aspect but one, which causes him to doubt his own decisions.


or this is the story of how the King of Corea, Lee Gon discovers his true feelings and his soul mate.





Hello there! So I am back with another story!

A short story... Maybe I will continue this as serious. Don't know...

Anyway hope you guys will enjoy this. It's been months since I write something...

Aside from characters, this story concept, as well as everything else, is entirely mine. . So if you find something similar to this, it's purely coincidental.

Do not re-upload, share or translate this without my permission.






Ps: Check out my other JOGON stories too!

Thank you for Reading. Kudos and comments are appreciated.


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