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y'all like the gif? if so then maybe you'll like us.. ;P we are just two individuals offering friendship and time to you. if you're lonely and in need of company like us, keep reading!


chingu 1:

  • minus with weird sleeping schedule lolz.. 20+ so please no minors (just not very comfy, sorry)
  • currently been into fcing women (LGBTQ MAKE SOME NOISE!!!) but will occasionally fc men (in yuck) when they're in the mood for it 
  • ur fc really doesn't matter as long as they are not problematic :] u can fc an ikea chair & they will still flirt with u.. 
  • natural flirt (platonic or not) in need of friends!!!(or fwbs??) but not opposed if some chemistry spark ykwm (oomf them please) 
  • if it matters, they swing both ways so heyyyy ladies <3 and the others.
  • they have hb subscription and are willing to watch Anything with you!! can also be cute and doodle you things or make u playlists/send u songs or match status/cpdp/add you to their bio. literally anything! they are also offering their shoulder to cry on and ears if you need ranting
  • they joke a lot so don't hesitate to let them know if they've offend you in any way~ they are just a silly goose who enjoy making people laugh!
  • thats the basic stuff for them i promise they are a lot louder & funnier in dms (held at gunpoint)

chingu 2:

  • minus with a job.. #Money & 18+! no minors (not comfy too)
  • only fcs women (sometimes fcs men once in a blue moon) but will fc anyone you'd like to facechase :p
  • fc doesn't matter just as long as it isn't someone problematic
  • down to flirt, doesn't know how to flirt LOL is just really playful and counts that as flirting doesn't need an oomf (yes they do) but if it matters, they play on both teams
  • just like chingu 1 they only rly play minecraft with a side of genshin but has a gaming pc so they can rly play anything
  • also has hyperbeam premium so DO NOT be shy to ask to hang out with them because they will 100% say yes! (rly into reality shows nowadays like dating shows etc? also likes movie marathons!)
  • thats all they can think of but they're better in dms... DM NOW!


ure free to take just one or the both of them (they're kind of a package..) but if they pique your interest then drop your tag in our pm! currently only on discord though hopefully that's not a deal breaker

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