Soulmate Rings


The moment you are born, you are given a ring. The color of the ring indicates the emotion that your soulmate is going through. Red is anger, Blue is sad, Yellow is happy, Green is envy, White is peaceful or calm, Orange is hungry and lastly, Purple is fear. When you finally meet your soulmate, the ring turns Pink.

When your soulmate dies, it turns to Black.


Hiiiiii This is a Jinjoo soulmate special oneshot au. I didn't really plan this at all but my English teacher assigned a homework where we choose an object then write a sad story about it.

I suddenly came across a prompt so I used that to write a descriptive text hehe (Credits to the person who wrote the prompt).

And this was the result.

Good lucks to me ig. I hope my teacher likes it 😭😭

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