Royal Issues


Some people are just born with an unthinkable silver spoon in their mouth. Choi Yujin, the heiress of one of the biggest conglomerates in the world, Choi Enterprises, is definitely one of these people. She will have quite some work to do right now since she will soon take her place as the CEO and president of the huge sea of companies her family owns. The fun fact is that the Choi family is not only part of the successful business world, but they are also part of the royalty. Born with luck is what we call.

Princess Yujin is the daughter of South Korean Prince Choi Hyunbin who added to the fact was always a prince was also one of the most talented Korean Actors and is also the owner of more than half of South Korean companies of all types – from entertainment companies till banks, they all carry the Choi brand – and Princess Choi Yejin that is one of the hugest actresses in South Korea, making the Choi Family even more famous. After his father, King Choi Dong-il decides to step out of the throne and of the CEO to sit to rest after 25 years of reining and administrating the conglomerate, he passes his titles to his heir, the now King Choi Hyunbin. With the current problems and conflicts between nations and mostly South Korea and China, the King decides to not keep the CEO position and give his daughter and heir the power to administrate the family business while he focuses 100% on the administration and on taking care of his country.

Choi Yujin had the fame of being an extremely kind and bubbly girl when she was younger but after studying and living half of her life abroad, the girl came back to Korea to take her place as CEO as a really chic and elegant young woman that with one look could make people around her forget what they wanted to say and received the nickname, The Korean Ice princess.

Even with all this power on their hands, the Chois are a really warm and kind family. King Hyunbin and Queen Yejin always try their best to stay close to their kids Yujin, Doyoung, and Yeseo and to keep their lives as normal as possible but sometimes the Country and Crown have to come before their wishes, and some promises they made to each other might break for “bigger things’’.

In a place not far from Korea, there was a spoiled princess that wasn’t much happy about having to play her ‘Princess Duties’. Princess Shen Xiaoting is the only daughter of the most pretty and loved couple in China, King Shen Xiaoming and Queen Shen Angela, that used to be one of the most famous Chinese actresses. Xiaoting different from her older brother Prince Shen YangYang - heir of the Chinese throne - and younger brother Prince Shen Lucas, whom she preferers to call by his Chinese name Xuxi because she found it cuter, wasn’t much fond of the whole ‘royalty’ idea. Xiaoting had an artistic spirit, she liked to act, sing, and paint as her mother used to before she became a queen, but because she was a woman living in such a traditional country and with such a high position in society, she couldn’t pursue her dream and had to fulfill her duties as a ruler. And one of those duties was to marry. Even though she already was in love with her girlfriend Yurina, she still had to obey and follow her path as a ruler. She couldn’t even marry for love, and she doubted she would have the same luck her parents did, she would have to marry for alliances for her country and her parents have even already found a suitor for her, her childhood “friend” Princess Choi Yujin from Korea that she remembers having a lot of fights with and whom she met a couple of years ago in England where they both went to college and she didn’t have great memories of those times either, long story short, the hated each other, but still needed one another for the sake of their countries.

Will Yujin and Xiaoting be able to put their differences aside for this marriage to happen?


I'm so excited about this story because XiaoJin is my all-time favorite shipp, I had this plot in my mind for quite some time now and I really think we need more Xiaojin stories over here so I decided to write this!

Hope you guys like it and please give me feedbacks!


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Elsha95 #1
Chapter 5: Thank u for the update, I miss this story so much
Elsha95 #2
Chapter 1: thank you for making xiaojin fanfics
Sandyarmy2003 #3
Chapter 3: I am really curious abt England incidents....I mean...none of these two look like they can torture this much def excited to find out
Nightrise12 #4
Chapter 2: I'm interested to find out what beef is between xiaojin 🤔🧐
This is going great so far!
sclocksmith #5
Chapter 1: It's interesting! Can't wait for Xiaoting's POV. We need more xiaojin fanfics! Thank you for writing this
sopmos #6
Chapter 1: im so excited to read xiaotings chapter :D
taengrangers #7
Hi PLAPLE!!! ahh Finally.. i love this kind of story.. Can't wait ><
sopmos #8
Im excited to read this!! cant wait for your updates.