They are walking with us and we dont know it...

They are exceptional beings who would naturally stand out.. 

Amber, Yuri and Minho goes to a normal school for the first time to accomplishing a task against time..

Another fic by yours truly.  Arghhhh its so tiresome to transfer them here....  =.="




"What is love?"

It was our teacher discussing some poetry topic we now have.

My eyes were having a hard time on staying open.

I want to sleep.

My unnie was screaming so loud last night since she was talking to someone who apparently leaked news about some royalty transferring to our school along with a few others.

Then my head returned to catch my teacher saying, "So Shakespeare here in – "


A schoolmate shouted enough for the whole student on the floor to hear.

Within seconds all had scrambled to the windows to see a grand limo coming in from the gates.

Okay, what's with all this commotion just for a prince?

I mean, duh, this is an exclusive and prestigious school for the rich, famous, talented or in short the elite so why the excitement?

Yet contrary to what I was thinking, I still stood up to take a peek.

Who wouldn't want / like to somehow find their prince charming even once in a lifetime?


"Are you sure we ought to do this?"

One of them was fidgeting over doing their plans.

"100% positively infinitely sure!"

She grinned widely at her companion.

"Arasso! As you say although what will – "

"Just hush-hush. Anyway, it's time for school!"

The third said.

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Chapter 2: Krystal is good at lying so I could easily deceive Jessica
Chapter 1: violent princess, always hitting Amber
cursetracker #3
Chapter 9: Please don't delete this story. I reall like this story. Some of us want you dear author to finish this fic. I beg you! :"( It's better if you'll continue this. Hear your readers my dear author. I hope you'll be able to read this comment of mine.
Chapter 9: 'noooooo!!!!! :'((
Chapter 9: I hope you will one day return and finish this fic~
max83262 #6
Chapter 9: dont deleteeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(((((((((((
fxAsha #7
Chapter 9: T.T why? Whyyyyy? Please dont deleteee :(((
musiclover16 #8
Chapter 9: haisss...
your time and effort will be wasted. :(
bluesky2275 #9
i see they badly wanna kill amber even do they have to use krystal as a bait
and they knew who are the 7 person
the invitation is out due to king wanna reveal his children
and amber must be the king's child, right
kindly update
WhoAmI #10
*_* update soon hyung!now go bug D to give you more inspiration :3