The Eagle Diamond I

hands up (it's a robbery)
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It was a perfectly normal morning.


Well, up until a knife suddenly whistles into the air, aimed right at a seated Seulgi. It was only due to the cup of coffee she had already drank that she managed to catch it just right before it nicks her on the cheek, holding the blade between two fingers. She turns to palm it and puts the paper down, eyes flat at a smirking Irene who has Seulgi's donut in her hand, successfully relinquished from Seulgi's plate.


“Honey, how many times am I going to have to tell you to stop throwing knives at me when I’m reading the paper just to steal my donuts?”


“Not my fault you lose all focus when you read, baby.”


“I was getting to my favorite part… they finally brought back the Snoopy comics.”


“Fine, I’ll keep the knife throwing to a minimum.”


“That’ll do. Here’s your knife.” Seulgi passes it carefully, making sure to angle it back to holding the blade. 


“Thank you, baby.” Irene graciously takes it back and even goes to press a sugary kiss on Seulgi’s cheek in a quiet apology. She only lets up when Seulgi gives a small laugh, turning her own head so Seulgi can do the same.


(They’ve been doing a lot of that lately. Cheek-kissing. There’s no better way to start off her morning than a soft kiss from Seulgi).


She sets off to make a proper breakfast when there’s a white envelope that catches her eye. It was addressed ‘Bae-Kang’ in elegant cursive and sealed with blood-red wax that could only mean one thing:


It was from the Queen.


“What’s this?” Irene asks when the food is all set, holding it in one hand as she pours Seulgi a glass of juice.


“Kween’s bwal.” Seulgi replies in between a mouthful of bacon, eyeing the invitation before reaching for another strip.


“Finish chewing your food first, damn.” Irene remarks, handing off a table napkin in Seulgi’s direction, to which the other picked up to wipe at their mouth.


“Sorry, hehe. It’s for the Queen’s Ball on the 4th of July. Something about American dignitaries visiting the capitol.”


“That explains the sudden influx of airplanes on the northern airstrip, then.”


“You kept tabs?”


“Of course. Visiting dignitaries love to gamble away their money in foreign countries and who else would be a better host than us?”


“Hmmm smart move.”


“Of course. I’m not all beauty without brains, I’ll have you know.”


“I’ll keep that in mind.”


(The smile they shared in the silence could only be a work of art, felt only by the both of them).


Irene picks up her knife and gently runs it through the top of the envelope, accessing the letter and handing it off for Seulgi to read.


“Greetings to the noble house of Bae-Kang!


It is with great pleasure to announce that you are cordially invited to a Grand Ball held at the Gyeongbokgung Palace on the 4th of July, to honor the American dignitaries visiting our country.


The evening is to be filled with dancing and other festivities in which your attendance is much appreciated, for the Queen would love to see you in the audience. 


If your schedule permits, please répondez s'il vous plaît at your earliest convenience.


The Queen thanks you.”


By the time Seulgi finishes, there’s a very sinister look in Irene’s eyes accompanied by a little smirk that has her shivering inwardly. Whatever Irene has planned, it can’t be good.


“What’s on your mind, my love?” Seulgi asks as Irene fetches a piece of paper from a drawer.


“Have you ever heard of the Eagle Diamond? The one missing from Wisconsin?” Irene asks in turn, holding up the paper.


It was a photo of an angular-looking diamond photographed in five dimensions, the definition of uncut and original.


“Of course. What kind of thief doesn’t? But the government and the black market haven't seen it for years ever since its disappearance in the 1960s. ”


“And if I tell you it’s been found?”


“No ?”


“No . A little birdie told me that the American ‘dignitaries’ happen to be the real Eagle Diamond thieves, carrying some precious cargo to give to the Queen.”


“And the Eagle Diamond is one of them?”




Seulgi crosses her arms, brows knitted in disbelief.


“How could you be so sure?”


“Honey, didn’t I tell you that I’ve kept tabs on them? All it takes for a man to pour his secrets is a little bottle, maybe even a pretty woman on his arm.” Irene pouts, tangling her hands together to place under her chin.


Seulgi ignores the weakness she suddenly feels in her knees, just a little bit thankful that she’s sitting down.


(She thinks that kingdoms can fall to their knees with that one look. Irene probably knows that).


“So you sent a spy to them?”


“Ding, ding, ding. You’re getting smarter.”


“And this spy… are they loyal?”


“You can ask her yourself. She’s going to knock on the door right about…”


Thump! Thump! Thump!




Seulgi raises an eyebrow but stands to make way to the door. She’s running through the possibilities in her head, but one look through the peephole immediately dismissed the names on her mind.


Raven hair.


Pale skin.


A fierce look in the eyes.


Seulgi opens the door.


The girl by the door straightens for a moment before settling into a very stiff bow.




Seulgi returns the gesture with a nod of her head.




Karina Yu.


Irene’s sister.


“Is my sister home? She asked for my help yesterday and well, I’m here to deliver a message.”


“She’s inside. Come in, we were just having breakfast.”


Karina gives her another bow before walking inside, making a beeline for the dining table. Seulgi follows suit, admiring by herself how Irene and Karina are so similar in appearance but so different in attitude. Where Irene is quick to joke, Karina is stoic and unmoving.


Where Irene looks at her happily, Karina stares at her in caution.


(Seulgi leaves it at that. The marriage in itself is a large object in motion, properly disrupting all of their lives in the process).


She has just barely sat down when Irene’s fist knocks down on the table, sending the bottle of syrup nearly tumbling off the table if it wasn’t for Seulgi’s fast reflexes. Irene however doesn’t notice that, just barrels on with whatever Karina has whispered to her seconds before.


“According to Rina, a man named Allen Kuhn told her that there was a diamond in a safe, off to be a gift to the Queen. Even showed it to her but didn’t let her touch it. She did memorize the passcode that works to our advantage.” Irene writes the series of numbers down right beside the photo before showing it to Seulgi.




“By this you mean we’re going to steal it?” Seulgi asks, taking a hold of the photo of the diamond. It was reported to be missing for good. Knowing that it was out there in the reach of a hand has her heart thumping wildly in her chest.


“Of course not! We’re just going to not let it fall into the wrong hands, namely the Queen’s. Because if it did…” Irene shakes her head at the implication.


“The Americans will know about the exchange and declare that we stole it in the first place from Wisconsin and the fake dignitaries will disappear and leave us to the dogs.” Seulgi confirms.


A click of Karina’s tongue has their heads turning to meet a frown on her face.


“Unfortunately, the information was deliberately spread. Kuhn received word that the Bae-Kangs were attending the ball, so it seems he’s going to look for the both of you tonight. I’m afraid your reputation has reached the Americans.” Karina explains.


“Son of a .” Irene curses.


“This means that it’s going to take a lot more than our usu

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