The Scarlet Letter

hands up (it's a robbery)
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“Tell me why we, leaders of the two most prominent gangs in the city, are stuck doing grunt work? We could have easily passed this along to Jimin or hell, even Aeri.”


“Karina and Giselle, while tall, are not very physically strong.”


“Why not Jackson then? He lifts Seungwan for fun.”


“Would you like for him to stare up at my while doing this?”


Irene pointedly says as she tries her best to balance on Seulgi’s shoulders, holding onto the wall for support as she reaches for the security cameras. It was already disabled but it still needed Yeri's little machine to connect to homebase.


One look upwards would be a free-for-all view of a wrapped in very, very tight leather.


“Point taken.” Seulgi dryly replies, hands on Irene’s ankles to steady her. She refuses to even let up the strain in her neck, fearful of being unfocused and dropping the woman at her shoulders.


It took a little while to disengage the camera, but a few crackles here and there and suddenly, Yeri’s voice rings through the machine, filled with static.


“Entry granted. Sight is clear.”


Irene lets out a noise of victory.


“Yeri’s in. Now, get me down from here.”


“‘Oh thank you Seulgi for carrying me on your shoulders. I’ll make it up with a massage when we get home later.’” Seulgi mocks as she helps Irene off of her shoulders, making sure to pinch her on the way down.


“Aren’t you supposed to be the one thankful? After all, you were the one who got my legs over your shoulders. Everyone else can just imagine.”


Irene says this with a wink as she throws her hair over a shoulder. Seulgi swallows hard and tries not to think about anything else aside from her parched throat.


(Her mind is absolutely not teetering on the edge of the gutter, one wrong move falling into a trance of pale legs with a ing leather gun strap high on one thigh).


Her partner on the other hand is oblivious, getting powder into her hands that she blows into the vacant air in front of them. Soon, the space is revealed to be entirely criss-crossed with red lasers. Just a few meters away is a pretty, red diamond encased in glass.


The Scarlet Letter.


“Okay, Yeri. Walk us through it.” Irene orders.


“Absolutely. So the lasers are connected to every alarm in the building. One good thing is that they’re immobile and aren’t designed to slice you in half. Bad thing is there’s no way to disable it without going to the main office.”


“Do mirrors work?” Seulgi asks, eyes mapping the area.


“Still triggers the alarm. You’ll have to make your way around it.”


“Damn it. How are we going to do this?” Seulgi asks in exasperation, running a hand through her hair.


“‘We’? I think you meant you.” Irene retorts back.




“You make your way to the diamond while I go and try to disable the lasers. This way, we can both make some progress.”


“And if I trigger the alarms?”


“I’ll have to pay Joy three million won when we get back. She betted you’d trigger the alarms within the first thirty minutes.”


“And you betted against her?”


“Told her you’d trigger it in the first thirty-three.”


“ you.”


“Oh, you wish. Good luck now!”


Before Seulgi can even come up with a good reply, Irene has rushed out of the door with quick, quiet steps. Even so, she swears she can hear them go before going out of earshot. 


She faces the lasers again and takes a deep breath. 


Oh well.


Time to get to work.


The thing with lasers is that they are just basically light beams that somehow managed to channel radiation in its core. Seulgi knows that laser stands for something, but it’s rather difficult to think about it now considering she’s going to have to go through it. 


There was li

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