I Won't Say Goodbye.

I Won't Say Goodbye

It was a cold day of November and Nayeon was walking in the park in a hurry: she was late for work, again. She wanted to slap herself with all her strength, but she hadn't enough time to do so and started running.

"I should study for my driver license, I can't live like this forever" she almost screamed and stopped walking when she heard a strange sound. She looked around, but found nothing and started walking again with her ears ready to hear any sound.

After thirty seconds that sound was heard again, this time clearer: it sounded like a baby's crying and Nayeon started running in order to find the crying baby. She found a little girl left on the ground, with only a blanket to protect her from the cold.

"What an inhuman thing to do" she immediately took off her coat and took the baby, wrapping her carefully "it's okay little girl, I'm here now" she hugged the little girl and walked to the nearest hospital to make sure she was okay and to find her family.

While Nayeon waited for the doctor to come back to tell her how the child was, she warned at work that she couldn't go that day, relieved that she hasn't been dismissed at that exact moment. When the doctor arrived she stood up and looked at him with worry "how is she? Is the baby okay?"

"She is fine, she is a healthy and strong child. You found her in time, she would have died of cold in those conditions, but luckily she managed to resist and now she is pretty lively. Do you want to see her?" the doctor smiled and accompanied her to the room where the child was.

Nayeon smiled in relief when she saw the little girl and she her little nose" you gave me a good scare, you know? I almost pooped on my pants" Nayeon's smile widened when the baby took her index finger with her small hand.

"She likes you, she has done nothing but cry with us doctors, but is calm since you entered the room" his smile disappeared and then looked at Nayeon "I checked the birth records and she was given up for adoption because her real mother hasn't passed the birth and her father is in prison for murder. Her adopting parents have decided to get rid of her and now the police is looking for them"

Nayeon's heart shattered and her eyes were full of tears "how can such a thing be done?" she took the little girl in her arms and cradled her gently "can I keep her with me for a while? Before making a decision I have to talk to my wife"

The doctor was surprised "sure, but you have to sign some papers"




Nayeon spent the afternoon buying the baby's necessities and taking care of her. When they were at home she was feeling anxious: she and Jeongyeon had been married for two years, but had been dating since middle school. They were now twenty-eight and twenty-nine respectively, so starting a family wouldn't be a problem for her wife, right?

"She is a great person and loves children like you, everything will be fine" she placed the baby on the huge couch and surrounded her with soft cushions so that she could check on her as she made dinner. She almost screamed when she heard the sound of the front door being closed.

"Nay, I'm back!" Nayeon heard Jeongyeon took off her shoes "what did you do to our couch? Do you want to make me some dirty proposal?" she smirked and looked between the pillows, finding a little girl looking at her woth huge eyes "oh, I was expecting my wife, what are you doing here?"

Nayeon was looking at the scene from the kitchen and almost laughed because of her wife's surprised face "no dirty things for today, I'm sorry" she reached them with a smile on her face and kissed Jeongyeon's lips "I found her in a park this morning" she told her the whole story, without missing a thing.

"I see, she has no one" Jeongyeon took the baby in her arms gently "if I can love an idiot like you, I'll be able to love this little girl without any problems" she smiled happily and looked at Nayeon "where do I have to sign?"

Nayeon laughed with tears in her eyes and kissed her beloved wife "I love you"




Four years passed at a speed equal to that of light and Nana was almost five years old. She was always cheerful and never gave problems. Sometimes she had a tantrum, but with her mothers' pampering everything was always resolved in a short time.

Nayeon and Jeongyeon were deeply in love, but the first was weaker with each passing day and Jeongyeon was very cautios with her wife.

Nayeon was sick and there was no cure for that disease, but she hadn't told Jeongyeon about that: she didn't want to spend the last moments of her life seeing her family crying for her.

"Mommy is here!" Nana put down the toys she was playing with and ran to the front door to jump into Jeongyeon's arms and fill her with kisses.

Jeongyeon laughed like everyday "hello my baby, you behaved well today?" she walked to the kitchen with Nana in her arms.

"Yes mommy! We also made cookies me and mom" she looked proud and Jeongyeon was amused by her tender mistakes when she spoke.

Nayeon smiled at them "how beautiful you are, I'm blessed" she put the food on the table and her wife and baby immediately jumped on the on it "you are always the same greedy, you are really mother and daughter"

They ate happily, talking about their respective days and cleaned the kitchen all together.

"Shall we all sleep together tonight? I want some cuddles from you two" Nayeon proposed with a smile and they all agreed.

When Nana fell asleep Nayeon looked at Jeongyeon "do you want to shower together? We haven't done it in a long time and I really want my wife now"

Jeongyeon seemed undecided "but you're tired Nay, I don't want to make you tired even more" she gently her cheek "maybe tomorrow?"

Nayeon shook her head "I want to do it now, please" her eyes were filled with tears "I don't even remember the last time you kissed me properly. I'm not in great shape, but I don't break if you touch me" she stood up and went to the bathroom.

Nayeon the shower and took off her pajamas. She smiled when Jeongyeon joined her "I see that you have finally made up your mind"

"I could never leave my wife here alone, what would I look like?" her gaze softened "and you're right, I neglected you too much, I'm sorry Nay"

Nayeon wrapped her arms around Jeongyeon's neck and smiled "I think you know how to be forgiven" she closed the shower glass, leaving the world out for a while.

After their long and romantic shower they went back to bed and fell asleep holding hands on top of their baby girl.

When Jeongyeon and Nana woke up Nayeon was no longer breathing. She was smiling, but her body was cold despite her being covered.

Everything that happened next was blurred in Jeongyeon's mind: the relatives who had arrived to give their last farewell, the funeral, the tears that flowed copiously and without stopping.




After a month since that bad day Nana was back at school and Jeongyeon was back to work. She was about to leave the house when she found a letter in the mailbox. Her hands were shaking: it was Nayeon's handwriting. Jeongyeon went back in the house and sat down on the couch, taking out the letter.

"My love,
If you're reading this letter it means I didn't make it and I'm really sorry. I'll ask a trusted person to send you this letter when needed, because I don't know how much time I have left and I can't leave like this.
I want to thank you for all you have done for me all these years, for the love you have given me. I'm so mad now because I know I won't be able to keep my promise to get old with you and I won't be able to see our daughter grow up. It's really a shame, but I can't help it, there is no cure.
I'm speechless, what can I say in such a moment? I love you Jeong, I love Nana, I love our little house, I love everything about our family, even our fights.
In recent months I have not spent any of my salaries in view of the fateful day, so I can help you at least a little and not leave you with the burden of a rent and a child to raise alone, they are in my bank account.
I'm grateful, thanks to you I was able to live a full, albeit short, life. We have adopted a wonderful little girl that I'm sure will be able to make you happy, did you see what a bright smile she has when she sees you? I love it. Your bound is special and I understood it since day one, I know that you two together can achieve any milestone. You'll get the promotion you deserve and maybe Nana will be a little genius, or a writer, who knows. I'm so excited to see how far you two can go, I'll keep an eye on you.
Maybe when this letter arrives it will still be early for you, but don't step aside and love again, okay? You deserve to be loved and happy, I absolutely don't want to see your serious face, even if it's the one I fell in love at first.
Always check Nana when she brushes her teeth, that crafty always tries to cheat us, I saw her once! Give her lots of kisses from me, hug her tight, tell her I love her and I'm proud to be her mother, but maybe she won't be able to understand now. You can donate my things, but please keep the t-shirt we bought the day I asked you to marry me, even in a box, and give it to Nana when she gets older.
Take care of yourself, remember that you are the best person in the world and I know for sure that you'll be a great mom. Don't stop and keep fighting for what you believe in and what you want, I cheer for you, my love.
I love you so much that I don't even know how to put it into words, so I'll stop here, I don't want to make you sad, I just wanted to say goodbye. Remember this is not a final goodbye because we will meet again. Live a full and happy life together, you and Nana, you are my most precious treasures.
I go now or our dinner will burn, I have prepared your favorite dishes!
I'll tell you again: I love you, Yoo Jeongyeon. I'll love you forever, I promise.
Goodbye my love, kiss Nana for me.


Jeongyeon cried a lot as she read that letter, but that piece of paper gave her the strength to carry on. She failed to love anyone after Nayeon, but she did a great job with Nana, she became the boss in the office where she worked and she passed away after living a long life.

Two months had passed since Jeongyeon's death and a now adult Nana was holding hands with her partner in the place where Nayeon had found her as a baby "this is my story and the story of my amazing moms" Nana smiled, clenching her fist on the famous shirt that Jeongyeon had carefully stored for her and that she had given her for her 18th birthday "I'm sure they're together now, that's why I'm not that sad" her eyes were full of tears, but her smile was genuine.

In the exact spot where Nana had first met one of her mothers, there were two intertwined flowers. Perhaps true love could not really be broken, neither with time, nor with death.

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