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Yongsun really, really should warn oblivious Hyejin, who grabs her roughly and goes a little down with her lips, wetly kissing and her collarbones, but she doesn't. She's jealous and she has a stupid urge to prove her claims.


Placed during Queendom Ep. 6


Disclaimer: this story is just a figment of my imagination and holds only entertainment purposes, none of this happened in real life, please don't take it too seriously❤

This is probably the last one before I'm disappearing for a long time again😅 School stuff, y'know🙃 Stay healthy and hyped about upcoming Moonbyul's and Wheein's albums✨

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wheesun1721 #1
Chapter 1: awwww hwasun
Chapter 1: oh this was cute, i've always liked the mmm member x hyejin x kei love triangle situations... in my mind anyway, cause there's not many fics like these, so thank you~ also jealous yongsun is 💛
Chapter 1: Ame!!! I loved it! Thank you so much for the story, I really enjoyed it, I came late but I'm here, jealous Yongsun it's my fave, thank you, I hope school go well, thank you again!! Love u!!
Chapter 1: Definitivamente alguien o algo tenía que apaciguar el impulso de Kei... aunque la actitud de Minnie al cerrar la puerta con llave casi le arrebata la iniciativa. Después de eso todo lo sentí mas falso, las videollamadas, los ensayos... era como un coqueteo "hasta ahí"...
Siempre me quedo con ganas de más...
Esperaré a que cumplas con las obligaciones fuera de los fanfics!
Chapter 1: Okay ma'am here's holy water, please take a sip. The church is that way, you're welcome to jump in the holy well or sth 🤣🤣🤣
Anothermuggle01 #6
Chapter 1: ❤️✨❤️✨