Chapter1: Crumbling

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Sowon's POV

"[Exclusive] Girl group GFRIEND to break up after 6 years, to go their separate ways.My mind went blank as I read that phrase. I read it again and again until reality hits me. My knees went weak and I had no choice but to sit on the corner of my room, trying to calm myself, ignoring all the messages and calls from my family and friends.

"They said we still have some time left..." I whispered. They said we still have time to discuss everything. That they will give us time to rethink and finalize our decisions after parts of the contract was revised. Where is that time now? Why did they inform the public without informing us first? What will happen to us now? What are we going to do? Questions rattled my mind, and I'm trying to look for the answers I can't seem to find. 

"Unnie" Little Eunbi said. I looked at her and saw the girls behind her. My heart broke when I saw their teary eyes. They looked so vulnerable and just one push, they'll break. I stood up and went to them. I opened my arms and they immediately ran to hug me. That's when I felt my world crumbling down, when I heard their muffled cries. I wanted to cry so bad. Not just cry but I wanted to wail. I want to let everything out. But I thought... I have to be strong for them. I know they're having it harder than me.

"I'll talk to him." I said as I rubbed their backs one by one, trying to hush them and convince them that everything will be alright. 


"Unnie, you know that you can cry and lean on us right?" I heard Yerin say while I was looking at my sleeping girls. I think they got tired from crying. I'm tired too, but this is not the right time to be weak. I need to be strong for them... For our promises to buddies, for our dreams. I looked at Yerin and weakly smiled at her. She grabbed my hand and massaged it. 

"You don't have to keep everything to yourself." She said while looking at me tenderly. I nodded and hugged her. I felt her tears falling on my shoulder. I pulled away from the hug and looked at her. She bit her lip and tried to avoid my eyes.

"Hey" I grabbed her cheeks and wiped her tears.

"It's okay. I said I'll try to fix everything" I said and hugged her again. I rubbed her back and tried to calm her down. She pulled away from my hug and looked at me straightly this time. The serious look on her face made me nervous.

"Can you really fix it? It's not that I don't trust unnie but... Aren't you tired? You've been trying to talk and please them about the sudden contract revision. They don't want us anymore, unnie." She said seriously but I saw the sadness, worry and care in her once bright eyes.

"I'll never get tired when it comes to my dreams, most importantly when it comes to you girls." I saw the disbelief in her eyes when I dropped those phrases. Before she can answer, I talked again.

"I can fix it. I'll talk to CEO-nim again." I said, sounding very firm. I stood up and went to our dressing room to fix myself. I'll go to the CEO's office.

"They already let us go, unnie" I heard Yerin say but I didn't mind her and continued walking out of the room.


"It's not right that our contract is ending in 4 days when it clearly says it will end around 4th quarter of the year! Why did you end our contract when we are still in the middle of discussion?" I sounded so desperate but I don't care. Our dreams depend on this conversation. I'm not letting go of everything me and the girls worked hard for.

"You don't understand Sojeong." CEO-nim said. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at him sharply.

"Then make me understand! Why are you destroying our dreams? After all the things we did for this company? Why are you kicking us out? Are our efforts not enough?" I said helplessly. It hurts. Everything hurts. My dreams are slowly but surely crumbling down. They're taking away everything we built from nowhere. 

"Just accept our decision Sojeong. Tell the girls to pack your things already. Also, write your last letters as GFRIEND members." He said and was about to stand up when I stopped him.

"OUR DECISION? See how selfish you are? How dare you lie to the public and told them that what happened was a mutual decision? We were willing to renew! But you were abusing our rights and changed the terms out of a sudden and that made us rethink our decision, because that's another years of our lives. But did you wait for our final decision? No!" I don't care if people outside can hear me shouting already. I want him to explain what happened. Everything was going well until they changed the terms in the contract one by one. One of the terms stated is they will not let us do a comeback for the whole year to focus on the new girl group.

"All you think about is money! Why? Did you think we can't bring you that? It seems like you forgot that you started in the basement. WE started in the basement! And where are you now? Enjoying your money, buying expensive cars, enjoying rich life. Mind you that it's because of US! This happened because of that company's decision right? Did they buy your company? Or did they give you a huge amount of money to terminate us? Are they afraid that new girl group will live behind our shadows?" I know I sounded rude. We actually have no problems with them debuting a new girl group as long as they will treat us well. But it's not right to just destroy and take everything from us

"I thought your so-called "friend" said GFRIEND is unique, we can't be replaced with other girl groups and he'll support us no matter what" I said weakly this time. So Sungjin looked at me with a blank stare this time.

"Watch your words if you don't want to have a hard time building a new career. Don't forget that you signed an NDA" His response made me sneer. What he responded just confirmed everything I said. 

"Thick-faced b*tch. You'll face your downfall." I said while smirking. My blood is boiling. I want to punch him. I want to ruin everything in this room. He deserves to rot in hell.




*NDA means non-disclosure agreement. A non-disclosure agreement or NDA is a written contract between two parties (people or organizations) that prohibits the sharing of confidential information shared between both the ends. (cr: here )


Hi! I'm back with a revisioned version of this chapter. School is finally done and I'm just waiting for my cerificate, so I have some free time. I'll try to update more often, so please bear with me. I'm sorry if there are errors. Again, this is just a product of my imagination. Comment your thoughts and tell me where areas I can improve. See you!

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