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A week before their highschool graduation, the whole class were asked by their homeroom teacher what they want to be when they grow up and write it on a piece of paper; most of the students wrote the profession they want to achieve while others simply wrote how much they want to be wealthy. The teacher released a heavy sigh reading all the classic answers from her students, until she received the last four pieces of papers by the class known bestfriends: Irene, Krystal, Amber and Wendy.

“Come on, this is very cringe-worthy. I want to write something else!” Wendy whined at the thought of putting the dream she really desire into that piece of paper. It is Krystal’s idea that all four of them should be honest about their dreams and let it into the yearbook no matter how cringe it is.

“Why, what is your dream?” Krystal asked with full of sarcasm knowing that even though Wendy has other goals, there will always be that one dream she will die for.

“I want to be a singer!”

“And?” Krystal smirked 

“Aish, fine! you win!”

While the two are busy arguing, the eldest of the group, Irene peacefully, without any hesitation wrote what they four agreed to write “the dream your heart truly wants” after looking at her childhood sweetheart, Junmyeon.

“You’re done, unnie?”


“Anyway, where’s Amber?” Irene asked but the two just shrugged 


Finally, it’s the graduation day. Hugs and tears were shared, but so as giggles out of the excitement of the fact that after summer, they’ll be going to be in college. 

Irene felt like her cheeks were burning when Junmyeon held her hand tight as they took a picture together; Krystal on the other hand was so happy to announce that she and her boyfriend passed and will be going to the same university.

Wendy, covered her face when the tall guy who promised to wait for her asked her out again, while Amber sat still, looking at the girl she wishes is hers.

“Let’s all promise, that whatever happens, we, four will always be bestfriends”


Days passed, weeks, months and years, in a snap, they’re in each other’s college graduation, and just like high school, they’re still best friends. The three are still with the boys they were with in highschool while Amber finally had the courage to tell her parents about her gender identity, yes, she's still looking at the same girl but she can say she’s moved on, she’s happy seeing her happy and she’s happy to know that whatever happens, what they share will never be stolen by anybody.

More years have passed, Irene started her own flower shop and married Junmyeon, a year after, she had twin they named, Jimin and Jeno.

Krystal inherited her mother’s clothing line while Jongin became the CEO of his father’s company; they were not supposed to get married until thirty but Krystal got pregnant so they needed to push for the wedding; they have a girl, Gigi.

Wendy, like Irene, started her own business, a pastry shop, while Chanyeol earned his license. They got married but it wasn’t a shotgun-wedding, though Wendy must admit it wasn’t suppose to happen too soon.

Amber, moved to LA, and found love finally. She keep in touch with the girls ko me she promised.

Like they ever wanted, they all achieved their goals and got to be with the people they love, and like what they promised, they are still by each other’s side, and even made another promise to raise their kids to be like siblings.

They all have been very positive about life, they always believe nothing can go wrong,

But maybe, it's true that the universe will always find the way to test each on of us; one morning, they all just realized, that the life they have, is no longer the life they worked hard for, and they four, unexpectedly drifted apart.




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