Chapter I - 13 years later

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13 years later 

Standing by the doorway, Wendy has her arms crossed against her chest while looking at her daughter asking every innocent questions a little girl can ask her father. Her soon to be ex-husband, Chanyeol, she must admit may not be the best husband but he is sure the best father any woman can ask for their kids to have. 

“Will you pick me up again on Saturday?” The five year old, Meimei asked her father with her sleepy eyes. Wendy took a deep breath with the question; as much as she wants the kids to get used of Chanyeol not being home anymore, she cannot deprive the kids to be with their dad. She’s  just thankful that the man never fail to be with the kids every weekend.

“I promise” Chanyeol said, the girl’s forehead. “We’re gonna eat ice cream again?” The girl asked, excitement is seen through her eyes.  Chanyeol couldn’t help not to chuckle at the kid’s wide eyes, remembering how Wendy’s eyes also widened everytime she’s excited. If they can just get back and be highschool again.

“It’s late already so my monkey needs to sleep now. You close your eyes and daddy will wait for you to sleep” Chanyeol smiled and leaned down, kissing the girl’s nose. 

“I love you, daddy” Little Meimei said and as usual, those three words melt the man’s heart “I love you more, monkey” Chanyeol smiled, turning his head and look at his (ex)-wife. I had all the time but I chose not to be a better husband.

As promised, he waited for the girl to sleep before he left. “Where’s Renjun?” He asked the woman who’s now tucking the girl more comfortably. “He’s in his room” Wendy answered 

“Champ?” After knocking three times, Chanyeol opened the door and saw his thirteen year old on bed. Renjun didn’t answer, but looked at his father. 

“I’m leaving” he said. Chanyeol sighed when his son nodded bluntly. There is no need for him to ask but he knows and feels that since he left home, and especially when he agreed for a divorce, his son started to distance himself from him.

“How are you, champ? How’s school?” Chanyeol asked, grabbing the baseball from the table.

“It’s okay” Renjun answered. 

“Your mom told me you have a game next week?” He smiled. The kid nodded without looking at the man.

“Is it okay if dad will be there to watch the game?” 


With a sigh, Chanyeol sat on bed, he wanted to say something more but Wendy entered “Yeol, it’s late. He has a class tomorrow” she said.

“Oh, Ofcourse”

“Baby, want to give your dad a hug?” Wendy asked her son. The teen didn’t utter a word and just got up and gave his dad a hug. Chanyeol brushed his palm on the boy’s back, loving the feeling of his son’s head against his chest.

“Always know that dad loves you, hm?” He reminded his son with a kiss on the top of his head.

Wendy walked Chanyeol to the door; the walk was quiet but it wasn't not awkward, more like, there is nothing for them to talk about anyway; she told him everything he needs to know about the kids and that’s enough; there is no need for them to discuss other things too because once their divorce is finalized, they’ll be no longer connected in anyway aside from being parents with their two kids.

“I’m leaving” 

“Hm, Keep safe”

As he walked to his car, Chanyeol looked back and stared at their house. Regrets. That’s all he has in his heart at that very moment, he regret for not being enough, he regret for taking Wendy for granted, the girl he loves most. 

Wendy breathed when she got back in, when she went to check her son, Renjun is already sleeping soundly and Wendy’s wouldn't be more thankful for that. She knows that their set up is hard, especially f

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