with you (i'd float anywhere)

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2jin. their first kiss wasn’t really romantic. a childhood best friend to lovers high school au.







“You’re staring.”


Heejin blinks, body spasming with years of muscle memory to look away whenever she’s caught before remembering that she can do that now.


Because they’re dating.


Her chest feels tight.


Hyunjin looks at her, head still hung low, canines peeking out as she smiles.


Instead of acknowledging her accusation, Heejin juts her chin towards the passed-out person in front of her.


“Chae’s asleep.”


Hyunjin glances quickly for not even a second before her eyes are on Heejin again.

And of course, with her honeymoon phase glasses, Heejin notices. She feels giddy all of a sudden, tapping her pencil against her sketchbook just to have something to do with her hands before she does something like tuck the lock of hair falling on Hyunjin’s eye behind her ear. An excuse to be close and to touch.




a tad bit of warning before you proceed :)

relationship between loona's heejin and hyunjin

i respect each and every one of the characters and real people i used in this fic


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