2nd Lead Syndrome

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     Kim Minjeong is one of the top-selling webtoon artists in South Korea. She was suffering to finish her best-selling webtoon thanks to the strict demands of her publishing company. Being so overworked, the moment she finally finished writing and drawing the last chapter, she passed away the next day due to mysterious circumstances...and transmigrated into the webtoon she created.


use light/blue theme for a better experience~ it's for the images and gifs in this story. 

here's an introduction to the story... it's a link to an opening similar to an anime idk

thx to 2LS my art style is improving... so, pls do expect little to severe art changes here as the story goes~ i'm honestly still a baby when it comes to art (꩜ᯅ꩜;) 


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wintahpogi #1
Chapter 16: Also amazing art wow
wintahpogi #2
Chapter 16: This is crazy good I can't wait for the next chapter aaacckk
Chapter 18: God If this would be turned into a full webtoon, I'll be eternally grateful. Although reading it is another form of pleasure. This story got me so hooked terribly. I absolutely love the art style. I just want to ask the author if they have any released webtoon? If there is, may I know it's title? I'd be very much delighted to read it.
( ˆ͈̑꒳ˆ͈̑ )੭♡
qw_ORi #4
Chapter 18: love the drawing
Chapter 18: Yeah since you're switching places with junwoo, now you're the dense one omg minjeong😭 you're really getting on my nerves😮‍💨 wake tf up jimin likes you kim minjeong😭💀
jimin_jeong_ #6
Chapter 18: damn minjeong you dense mf!! but ngl her description also does fit Aeri haha.

I knew I shouldn’t have read this in one seating and waited for more updates before starting, but the first chapters were really intriguing so I couldn’t help myself so now I’m stuck here feeling incomplete hahwhshha.
jimin_jeong_ #7
Chapter 17: ARE WE GETTING ANNYEONGZ?? Poor Wonyoung though, I hope she won’t be too broken hearted because she seems so sweet.
jimin_jeong_ #8
Chapter 16: omggg I knew Minjeong would be involved in the fiance thingy. I thought the girl will fall for her instead of Junwoo but this is so much better haha!
jimin_jeong_ #9
Chapter 13: Jimin slowly falling for Minjeong AND I’M HERE FOR IT
reveluv316 822 streak #10
Chapter 18: love the drawings 😍