The Untold Memoir


If this memoir ever finds its way into your hands, I beg that you read it with a heart free of judgement. I am but a storyteller. My story is not of your concern but theirs— a story of two lost souls who found their other half in this cruel world.


It's finally hereeeeeeeeee!!! Frankenstein kyusung au inspired by Kyuhyun's latest musical show! This fic has become one of my favorites so I hope that you guys like it too <3


There are 4 parts in total (but 5 or 6 chapters). If you find any typos then plz pretend you don't see them. I did my best to proofread but it's just too much for my eyes...  Update is on every Sunday as usual. Enjoy!

Sorry for the late update T_T the Untold Memoir is heading towards the end soon. Hope you stick with Kyuhyun and Yesung (and me!) until the end <3
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