You make me nervous part 2

Magical Itzy one-shot collection

The place we got teleported to was a small field in the middle of nowhere. We were in front of some kind of giant dome. I looked around in awe. I was finally here!


I could feel my head spinning just a little, but otherwise I was fine. Others were not as lucky. One young girl was as pale as a ghost. An older man was on the ground laying on his back with one of the pick-ups, Momo, holding his legs in the air.


"Are you guys okay?" I asked Ryujin unnie and Chaeryeong unnie.

"Yeah" Ryujin groaned, holding her head. "Just a little dizzy" she reassured me. I smiled at them, almost jumping from excitement. They chuckled and motioned to me to go toward the dome. I hugged them and began running toward the dome's big doors.


In front of the doors a person was checking everybody's bags and such.

"Hello", the person said, "could I see your ID?" I gave them my ID.

"Oh, you're one of the competitors," they said surprised.

"Yes I am," I said proudly. The person gave me my ID and a wristband.

"Well then, welcome to the National Potionmaking Cup and good luck for the competition". I thanked them and went inside.


I didn't know what to say. It was even more magnificent than I could have imagined. There was a massive arena inside the dome filled with potion making stations, different kinds of ingredient stations and all the different people. Some were rehearsing potion recipes. Others had already moved to their stations and were setting everything up. All kinds of coloured smoke was floating everywhere. It was so overwhelming.


"How are you doing, bunny?" Chaeryeong unnie asked me. I jumped a little because I hadn't noticed she and Ryujin unnie had catched up already.

"I'm not sure, it's a lot more than I expected" I said.

"Hey hey, it's okay. Yes, it is overwhelming but you're here now and that's so cool. Remember to breathe bunny". Chaeryeong unnie was right, I thought. I could do this.

I grabbed both of their hands and we began searching for my station. The door person had given me a wristband with a number 137.

How do I know which one of these is station 137? I thought, already a bit stressed. Right at that moment the wristband glowed and a bright line shot out of it.

"What's that? Did it break?" Chaeryeong unnie asked, worried.

"I think it's connected to your station, Yuna." Ryujin unnie said. We began following the line and it did lead us to my station.


"Alright, get yourself set up here. We'll go up to our seats, or at least find them first" the unnies said. I smiled at them and watched as they frantically began to try to find the seats hidden in the mass of people. I exhaled loudly and started unpacking.

"I can do this, I can do this" I said to myself, trying not to psych myself out.


Then I felt someone touch my arm. I looked to my right and saw a girl standing next to me.

"Sorry to interrupt, but would you possibly have a spare container? Anything goes really, one of mine broke on the way here and now my bag is full of clown grass" she said shyly. Fortunately, thanks to Yeji and Jisu unnies meticulous packing, I did have a couple spare ones. I happily gave the girl one.

"Oh thank you" she thanked, while giving me something. "Please take this sea pearl, as a thank you."

I looked at her in bewilderment. "Thank you, aren't these kind of rare?"

She just waved her hand at that. "I live next to the sea, it's not a big deal. I'm Kazuha by the way."

I smiled at her brightly. "I'm Yuna."


I turned to my station with the shining sea pearl in my hand when I heard a booming announcement.

"Welcome witches to the 68th National Potionmaking Cup! I'm your host and one of the judges, Im Nayeon. I can't wait to see what all of you talented witches do! Let the Cup begin!"


[Long time no see. Sorry for the quite long wait. This chapter has been a little delayed but instead of only two chapters, I decided this to have more chapters.


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