Magic and fur in the morning

Magical Itzy one-shot collection

Yeji woke up to a light snoring and a face full of soft fur. She chuckled and petted the fox nestled next to her softly.

"Hi Chaeryeong," she said quietly. The fox opened one eye lazily and quietly yawned.

Chaeryeong transformed with a buff of sky blue smoke. She grabbed Yeji's jaw and kissed her sweetly. "Good morning to you too" she said, voice still sounding sleepy but her eyes full of love. The room was kind of dark, but Chaeryeong could still see Yeji blush a bit.

"Do you still wanna sleep some more?" Yeji asked her softly. She nodded and then she could feel Chaeryeong bury herself deep under their blanket. Yeji could hear Yuna and Jisu in the kitchen making something. She got up and walked out of their bedroom.


Yuna was practicing something in her cauldron for her upcoming National Potionmaking Cup. It was in less than a week and she was determined. Jisu was peeking cutely over her shoulder while back hugging her. Yuna noticed Yeji coming out of the bedroom first. "Unnie!" she said excitedly, abandoning the cauldron and jumping toward her. In the middle of her jump, a buff of pink smoke appeared and a little white bunny landed softly in Yeji's arms.

"Good morning to you too," Yeji said as she laughed and tried to survive as Yuna nuzzled closer to her. 


Jisu was laughing as well at this point at their youngests antics.

"Yuna, let Yeji at least get to the table!" she said.

Yeji smiled at Jisu happily and kissed her good morning while walking past her to the table. She set Yuna down on the chair next to her. With another buff of pink smoke Yuna was sitting in the chair, her hair a bit disheveled and smiling sheepishly. Yeji and Jisu both laughed and kissed Yuna on her cheeks. 


Chaeryeong emerged from their bedroom due to hearing the ruckus in the kitchen.

"Have you guys seen Ryujin yet?" she asked while trying to rub the excess sleep out of her eyes. All of them shared a look. None of them hadn't seen her this morning.

"I thought she was still sleeping," Yuna said.

"Me too" Yeji and Jisu said at the same time. They started to worry. It was illegal to practice magic where they lived, so they had to be really careful whenever they went out. The only time they could be themselves was inside the safety of their house.


Out of the blue a black cat bolted out of their pet door (yes, they have one of those) and under the kitchen table.

"Ryujin! Unnie!" all of them exclaimed.

"What's happening Ryujin?" Jisu asked, worried. Ryujin was visibly shaking, eyes wide as plates. Then they could hear someone knock at their front door firmly. All of them shared a worried look.


Jisu walked to the door slowly. She didn't have her wand anywhere near her at the moment, so she signalled Yeji and Chaeryeong to get ready to transform if necessary. They all gathered close to each other at the table, Ryujin still under there.


Jisu opened the door and put on her best fake-smile she could muster. Behind the door were three men dressed in black clothes with the letters "NMM". No More Magic, she thought.

"Good morning! How could I help you" she brightly said.

"Have you seen a black cat?" a man with sunglasses asked while the other two tried to peek inside the house.

"No, I haven't, sir" she said quickly, trying to sound as convincing as possible. They stared at each other for a couple of seconds.

"Okay, if you do, inform us" he said and one of the men gave Jisu a black card with a phone number and an address.

"I will, goodbye!" she said and closed the door quickly.


All of them sighed in relief. Ryujin crawled from under the table slowly and with a buff of purple smoke, she was sitting on the kitchen floor. Yuna and Chaeryeong immediately went to her side, almost suffocating her with hugs and kisses out of worry. Ryujin accepted all of them without complaining.

"What happened?" Yeji asked as she sat down.

"I was walking on the sidewalk. I turned the corner and all of the sudden those men appeared and started yelling at me" Ryujin said. "Of course I took off running as fast as I could".

"Why would they do that?" Yuna asked. As far as they knew, a normal human shouldn't be able to distinguish a shapeshifter from a normal animal.

"We should reinforce the protection spells on the house, just in case" Jisu muttered as she and Chaeryeong started to look for their spell books.


"Could we all cuddle for a bit?" Ryujin asked. She was still sitting on the floor. She tried to always look so strong, but she too got scared sometimes. All of them happily accepted.

They got in their usual cuddle pile on the couch. Yeji transformed into her wolf form with a buff of orange smoke and laid down on the couch. Ryujin got on top of Yeji and curled up to a little ball. She started to purr pretty loudly without realizing. The others loved that about her. Yuna and Chaeryeong snuggled next to Yeji. Chaeryeong curled her tail around Yuna. Yuna hugged the tail around her. Jisu laid down in between Yeji's big paws in her animal form, which was a sloth. Yeji Jisu's nose. Jisu smiled at Yeji cutely. Yeji put her fluffy tail over Chaeryeong and Yuna protectively. They all fell asleep pretty quickly after they got comfortable forgetting about the day's events.

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