Double take

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Dahyun needs to write a song for one class, but she also have to faces her fellings for some girl with cute teeths


Stop staring bro" the voice of Chaeyoung brought back Dahyun from her thoughts, she turned her head to see her friend drawing something in Tzuyu’s arm. "I wasn’t staring." She said after a couple of seconds winning a look from the taller girl. "Sure, if that makes you feel better." She said with a smirk in her face. The girl just decided to ignore her friend words and decided to change the topic. "What are you doing in Tzuyu's arm? If Jihyo see that she’s going to kill you." Chaeyoung just raised her shoulders and said. "Tzuyu wanted a drawing in her arm and since I’m here to made her wishes come true." Dahyun made a faces at the words of her friend. "You are so whipped." Tzuyu chuckled at the interaction. "You are whipped too." Dahyun just shook her head. "I’m not whipped, I don’t like anybody."

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