Double take

Double take
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"Stop staring bro" the voice of Chaeyoung brought back Dahyun from her thoughts, she turned her head to see her friend drawing something in Tzuyu’s arm. "I wasn’t staring." She said after a couple of seconds winning a look from the taller girl. "Sure, if that makes you feel better." She said with a smirk in her face. The girl just decided to ignore her friend words and decided to change the topic. "What are you doing in Tzuyu's arm? If Jihyo see that she’s going to kill you." Chaeyoung just raised her shoulders and said. "Tzuyu wanted a drawing in her arm and since I’m here to made her wishes come true." Dahyun made a faces at the words of her friend. "You are so whipped." Tzuyu chuckled at the interaction. "You are whipped too." Dahyun just shook her head. "I’m not whipped, I don’t like anybody."


"Liar" Dahyun hear her internal voice shout. "You’re whipped for her but you won’t admit it." 


Both girls just raised their heads to see Dahyun with a smirk in their faces; she decided to ignore them to turn her head around the place. "I’m behind you." Dahyun jumped after hearing the voice of her dreams. “Were you looking for me?" She turned to find a big bunny smile and big eyes. "As if, I was simple looking around." She answered after seeing how the girl sat beside her. "What are you doing in Tzuyu's arm? Jihyo is going to kill you." Nayeon said after a couple of seconds staring at both girls. "She’s worth the risk." Chaeyoung said. "Omg, you’re so whipped for the girl." Dahyun smiled at the words. "That’s what I said."


"Who was the girl you were talking over there?" Tzuyu asked raising her eyes from her girlfriend. “That was Yeri.” She answered. “Who? I never hear that name before.” Chaeyoung talked without moving her eyes from the task in her hands. “Kim Yeri, she’s a friend of mine, we dated some time ago but we realized that we are better as friends.”  The older girl explained. “She was asking for a favor so I´ll go to her dorm later.” The three girls nodded at the words of Nayeon. “Why haven’t you introduced her to us?” Dahyun asked looking at Chaeyoung. “I guess I haven’t had the opportunity of that.” Nayeon answered after gave it thought. “Are you hiding her from us?” Dahyun asked again. “No? Why? Are you jealous of me having others friends.” Nayeon asked looking at the girl sat beside her with a little smile in her face and hitting her shoulder with her own. “No, it’s just weird.”  Dahyun simple said before turning her head to their friends.


“You're jealous because she got to date her before you.” The voice inside Dahyun’s head sounded. “And that she never told you about her.” 


“I don’t want to scare you guys, but Jihyo is coming right now and she doesn’t look happy.” Dahyun said after seeing her friend approaching them, causing both girl to stand abruptly and run in different ways. “Well, I see that coming.” Nayeon said while laughing at her friends, Dahyun just stared at her, laughing too.








Some weeks later, Dahyun was sitting outside in some park near the campus, the evening was warm enough to be comfortable, and her clothes were perfect enough for that day. She was looking at the people around the park, some couples near the lake were holding hands, laughing and holdings hands. Some parents were around playing with their kids and their pets. Around the grass were also some students chatting and having a good time. In her legs rested her notebook filled with lyrics about everything. She was distracted enough to not feel one of her friends coming closer to where she was sat.


“Hey there, what are you doing here all alone by your side?” the soft voice made the Korean turned to see her friend standing behind her. “Hey Jeongyeon! I’m trying to find a little of inspiration, I need to write a song for a class and for some reason, I can often find my way around the words of melody here in the park.” 


“Any luck then?”


“No, I don’t have nothing, is like my brain just decided to leave me all alone.” Dahyun said while closing her notebook, placing it inside her bag. “The inspiration will come soon; don’t be so stress about it.” Jeongyeon said placing a hand in Dahyun’s shoulder, showing her support. “Do you want to come with me? I was sat with Jihyo when we saw you here.” Dahyun just nodded after hearing her friend’s words.


After walking some seconds, Dahyun saw that the part where her friends were, was filled by people, the girl quickly spotted her friend, she was in the middle of the campus, Jihyo was chatting enthusiastically with someone she recognizes immediately, Nayeon was wearing a simple jacket, she was catching the attention of some people around them, including Dahyun’s, her eyes were fixed in the girl laughing, her eyes were shining with the light reflecting in her face. In the midst of the people around them and the shapes in the clouds showing the perfect weather that day, the only thing Dahyun could see was Nayeon, the girl was so absorbed at the girl ahead of her that she didn’t see the bag of some dude in the way, making her trip and fall in the ground. Jeongyeon was quick in helping her without of cause testing her about it, catching the attention of the girls.


“Did you just fall over there?” The humored voice of Nayeon was the first thing to receive her. “That bag appeared of nowhere, and I was distracted thank you very much.” Dahyun said sitting beside the girl. “What were you doing sat over there Dahyun?” Jihyo asked at the girl in front of her. “I was trying to find some inspiration to write a song, seeing people doing their things and being happy always worked, but I guess not anymore.” She answered with a small smile.


“You will find some soon, I promise.” Nayeon said with a big bright smile. 









“You being here is something I don’t see often.” The voice of the Japanese girl made Dahyun to smile and turn around. “Well, it is weird I want to see my favorite girl.” Dahyun said walking closer to the girl standing in the stereos. “We all know that’s Nayeon, I’m the second favorite and I’m okay with that.” Mina leaves a chuckled after hearing herself. “Don’t tell that to Sana or Momo, they will be devastated.” The taller girl just smiled at the word of her friend. “I will definitely brag this to them. Also do not change the topic; although I love the idea of you visiting me, you usually visit Momo if you want to dance.”  


“You caught me, although I always wanted to learn ballet, I don’t want to dance, I’m here to talk to a friend, if that friend is free.” Dahyun said seeing the girl in the other part of the dance floor. “I’m always free to talk with my friends, let’s sit so you can tell me.” The Japanese girl said with a small smile while sitting down in the floor. “What’s the problem that got you here?”


“Well, I’m going to tell you something important, please act surprise.” Mina nodded her head after hearing Dahyun. “I think I like Nayeon.” Dahyun said seeing directly to Mina, waiting for a reaction. “Wow, I didn’t expect that.” The girl said with a smirk in her face. “Totally unexpected, you caught me with my guard down.”


“Be serious! Is the first time I say it out loud, even to myself.” Dahyun whined at her friend. “Sorry, you made

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