'Til the Next Lifetime

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Irene Bae's a piano prodigy. If there's something she's confidently good at, it's playing the instrument that she loves the most ever since the age of six.

But of course, there will be a time when these instruments, no matter how loved, will be needing extra special care and attention.

Now enter Wendy Son, a piano technician whose family owns a local music store.









"We might end up with someone else this time but I promise to all the stars above, we’ll find each other in the next lifetime."

- Hara JooHyun, 1938


"There’s the type of love so strong that it’ll cross lifetimes just to find each other again.”

- Grandpa Son

Thank you all so much for your wonderful words! This might be a bit short but still, I'm happy that I was able to convey the emotions that I want to relay to all of you. I hope to give you this satisfaction still in the near future and your comments and appreciation really gives me motivation.
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