When The Wind Blows

When The Wind Blows

The wind blows on Joohyun as soon as she sets foot on the rooftop of the hospital building and closes her eyes. She then opened it after a few seconds and her sight landed on a woman standing at the edge.


“STOP!” Joohyun screams frantically


The woman looked at her calmly as if she had already resigned herself from everything and was already at peace.


“DON’T!” Joohyun screams again looking at her, her voice shaking, her body trembling “Don’t do it.”


The woman just looked at her and Joohyun took it as a good sign.


Joohyun composed herself before she said anything again; one wrong word and this could end badly.


“Whatever, whatever is happening,” Joohyun breathes collecting herself “That’s not the answer, that’s never the answer”

“Then what is?” The woman asked with all seriousness

“I— ah…” Joohyun’s mind went blank “I do—“


“She’s not going to jump” A calm voice spoke from behind


Joohyun turned to the owner of the voice.


The woman sighed, “Seungwan unnie stop that.”

Seungwan chuckles as she took a step toward them “Of course I’m not going to jump”


Joohyun then looked at her.


“Stop messing with her Unnie.”


“I’m not messing with her, I was just taking in the fresh air.” Seungwan says in her defense “Are you—“

“And you couldn’t have said that?!” Joohyun says in anger, trembling. She was scared to death.

“I di—“

“What is wrong with you?! You psycho!” Joohyun says with a deadly look before storming off.


“Did she just call me psycho?” Seungwan says looking at the not-so-happy Joohyun leaving “Have you seen the way she looks at me? Ooh, scary.”

“That’s not funny Unnie.” Yeri told her “You scared her.”

“And I didn’t mean to.” Seungwan says “She was the one who assumed that I was going to jump”

“That’s why I keep on telling you not to stand closer at the edge too much.”

“And I’m not, I promise.” Seungwan says “I’m just taking all the fresh air that I can get. It’s been a while since I got out of my room.”

“And I told you to take it easy.” Yeri says putting a jacket on Seungwan’s shoulder “You can take all the air you want once your okay.”

“You know—“

“Don’t…” Yeri cut her off “You will get better, and you will be fine.”

Seungwan smiles softly at her. “Of course I will. You’re my doctor.”



“Psycho! Psycho! Psycho!” Joohyun chants angrily while walking “That damn psy—“


“Oh, here she is.” Tiffany, the head nurse said “You okay?” she asked seeing the redness on her face

“Yeah, just a little nervous today.” Joohyun answers and that ‘psycho’ made it worse or did she? All the nervousness from her first day working at the hospital she’d always wanted to work at flew away when she saw Seungwan standing at the edge above and was exchanged by an almost heart attack only to find out that she’s messing with her.


“Everyone this is Joohyun, Joohyun please meet everyone.”

“I’m Bae Joohyun, nice to meet you all,” Joohyun says smiling


Sooyoung was showing Joohyun around when she saw Seungwan not far from them, making her blood boil remembering what had happened yesterday.


“So this is where the laboratory is and that’s where…” Sooyoung stops when she realizes that Joohyun has stopped paying attention to her and looks at where her attention is.


“She’s nice like that,” Sooyoung said

“I’m sorry.” Joohyun bows politely realizing what she did, Sooyoung had volunteered to show her around and here she is not paying attention

“It’s okay.” Sooyoung smiles at her “It’s not like you’re the first person whose world stops the moment she sees her.”

“What?” Joohyun asks confusedly

“You’re looking at Seungwan right?”



“Seungwan!” Sooyoung called

Joohyun’s eyes widen “No, it’s oka—“

Sooyoung pulled her and went to Seungwan.


“You look good.” Sooyoung told Seungwan

“And you look good too as always,” Seungwan says back

“This is our new nurse Joohyun.” Sooyoung told her “She started yesterday.”

Seungwan beamed with a smile realizing who this Joohyun is “I know, we’ve kind of met yesterday.”

“You did?”

Joohyun smiles awkwardly

Seungwan smiles at Joohyun, “She called me psycho.”

“I..uh…” Joohyun didn’t know what to say, it’s not like she doesn’t deserve it. “I d—“

“You look like one,” Sooyoung said

“Do I?” Seungwan laughs “I’m sorry for messing with you yesterday Joohyun-ssi, I couldn’t help myself. You’re a sight for a sore eye.”

Sooyoung raised a brow “How dare you say that in front of me but not to me?”

“You know you’re always a sight for a sore eye.” Seungwan says “Besides, Joohyun’s new here she’s a breath of fresh air.”

“What now?” Sooyoung asks “You—“Seungwan’s phone rings

“Have to go, time for my meds.” Seungwan says “See you around Joohyun-ssi, I’m sorry again.” Then leave.

“I can’t believe her.” Sooyoung says looking at Seungwan “She’s a tease, but she’s nice and she likes you.”

“What?” Finally, Joohyun managed to utter a word. She’s used to the compliments but Seungwan’s sudden compliments made her fluster for some reason. And if those aren’t enough to make her flustered, Sooyoung had to say that.

“Joohyun-unnie, come on, we’re not done yet,” Sooyoung said as she walked towards her, not knowing that the last words she just said would stay with Joohyun for a while. She likes you.




Two months have passed and work is going smoothly for Joohyun. She was so busy that she had no time to think about and do anything besides her work, in her defense she just wanted to focus on her work, she longs to work for her dream hospital and she doesn't want to ruin it. But in truth, she didn’t know anything about life besides her work. She had transferred to Seoul ever since she graduated 5 years ago and all she did was work. Without her family around and living alone her place is barely home, it's just a place for her to sleep. It’s like she’s alive but barely living.


“Good morning” Joohyun greeted when she saw Sooyoung at the nurse’s station

“Good morning Joohyun unnie” Sooyoung greeted back wearing a weird smile “Someone left this for you”

She saw a cup of coffee and bread, so that’s what the weird smile is for, Joohyun thought. “You can have it.” She told her, she wasn’t new to this, it’s not the first time that she received something like this.


“You don’t want it?” Joohyun teased

“Of course I do!” Sooyoung said, “But really, it's like the third time this week?”

“Not interested,” Joohyun said nonchalantly

“Unnie it’s just a coffee.”

“It’s never just a coffee you know that and I’m not interested.”

“You should have fun.”

“I am having fun,” Joohyun said smiling as she makes her rounds

Sooyoung sighed in defeat “What I’m going to do with you.”


They’ve only met two months ago but Sooyoung feels comfortable with her already and that rarely happens so she would invite her to eat after work or hang out in their free time but Joohyun would always tell her next time. There’s no wrong with working hard but she has to take a break too, let off some steam, and have some real fun, something that didn’t seem to exist in Joohyun’s vocabulary. So she took it upon herself to make sure that Joohyun would have some fun in her life.


But how?


She made a deep sigh again “I’m starting to think that I would need a miracle for that.”


“I love miracles.” Seungwan pops out from nowhere.

“What the—“ Sooyoung almost cursed from surprised

Seungwan chuckles “What kind of miracle are we talking about here?”

“What are you doing here?” Sooyoung asks drinking from the coffee

“Nothing, I’m allowed to go outside my room again so I thought I’d walk around and visit familiar faces.”

“Are you okay?” Sooyoung asked, her face full of worry. Seungwan’s condition isn’t a secret to her, she’s one of the nurses that assisted her in the emergency room when Seungwan was brought two years ago ever since then Seungwan would come and talk to her from time to time.

Seungwan smiles at her. Like she always does “I feel fine now.”

“Are you sure?” Concerns not leaving her face “Shouldn’t you be resting?”

“My body hurts from resting too much.” Seungwan whines “And the room is suffocating, aren’t you glad I’m visiting you.”

“I’m your 9th stopped didn’t you?”

“Eyyy, of course not! You’re 8th actually.” She said, chuckling.


Seungwan is always like that, she would visit staff even patients and she would talk to them. She is known to be the hospital’s resident ball of sunshine despite her condition. With all of her playful and lovely personality, she easily became close with most of the staff and medical personnel.

And seeing her laugh and smile like this brought a smile to Sooyoung's face.



Joohyun had finished her rounds for the time and was on her way to take a break when she saw Seungwan. “She’s still here.” She muttered to herself. It’s been two months since she last saw her and it surprised her to still see her here again.

Unconsciously, she followed her and by the path she was walking, Joohyun could tell that she’s on her way to the rooftop again.


She didn’t know how long she was staying looking at her or why she even followed her here. Then a sudden thought came to her. She likes you.

Sooyoung told her she loves her on her 3rd day when she brought her a coffee so why is it that her passing words that Seungwan likes her are making her feel weird for some reason? Joohyun immediately shakes the thought and is about to leave when Seungwan notices her.


“How long are you going to stay there?”

“I-I’m about to leave.” Joohyun composed herself, she didn’t even know she’s losing her composure until she talked.

“Already? Come on stay for a while, the air here is nice.” Seungwan said walking towards her with a smile “Do you also like this place?” She asked seeing Joohyun here for the second time.

“Not really,” Joohyun said. She’s afraid of heights. She just decided to go there to calm herself and look how that turns out. Today’s the second time, she didn’t even know why she’s here.


Seungwan stops in front of her “But you will.” smiling like she’s so sure of it.


Joohyun looked at her like she could feel that she would. Then the wind blows on them, making her eyes close, just like the first time she went here.


Seungwan then immediately moves to Joohyun's side and blocks her from the wind. Seungwan smiles at the sight of Joohyun.


Joohyun slowly opens her eyes and saw Seungwan on her side smiling at her “You really are a sight for sore eyes.” making Joohyun flustered. Here she is again blushing at Seungwan’s words.


“Are you okay?” Seungwan asked as she took a step back

“Y-yeah, yeah.” Joohyun answered awkwardly “T-Thank you.”

“You should come here more often. The air here is nice.” Seungwan told her. “Hospital rooms are suffocating so I always come here whenever I can.”


Oh right. She’s a patient here. Joohyun remembers but it’s been two months how is she still here?


“And I like the wind.” Seungwan added smiling “I like it so much that in my next life I want to be a wind.”


That’s new, Joohyun never met anyone who already talks about their next life but then again she’s not fond of talking but still if it’s another time, she sure would feel awkward but maybe it’s the way Seungwan says it that Joohyun didn’t feel that way “A wind?”


Seungwan nodded “Wind can go anywhere and everywhere with nothing to stop them. How nice is that, right?”

Joohyun finds herself staring at Seungwan and only realizing it after Seungwan spoke again “Do I talk too much? Am I being weird?”

“No, no, of course not.” Joohyun smiles, “It’s nice.”

“Really?” Seugwan asked softly

Joohyun nodded “Really.”

“How about you?”

“Me? I haven’t really thought about it.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know.” Joohyun answered truthfully “Never really crossed my mind.”



“I’m taking my break,” Joohyun told Sooyoung when she passes her by on the nurse’s station

“Meeting someone?” Sooyoung asked suspiciously

“What?” Joohyun feigned innocence

“You’ve been taking breaks for a whole week now.”

“Am I not allowed to take a break?” Joohyun faked a laugh

“My God you do! You have no idea how much I prayed for you to take a break ever since you started working here. You never take them and when you do, I mean me dragging you to sit and breathe, you just can’t wait to walk around and all.” Sooyoung explains


Joohyun expected it, she knew Sooyoung would notice her habit. It’s not like Joohyun didn’t want to take a break, sit and breathe because she does, God knows she does, it's just that when she does she just completely feels empty, it’s empty and yet for some reason, it’s the heaviest thing there is.

How can emptiness be so heavy?


“So I was wondering what you’ve been up to.” Sooyoung smirked, “or who you’ve been up to.”

Joohyun faked a laugh “You should stop with the caffeine, you’re hallucinating, that’s bad for you.”


It was Sooyoung’s turn to laugh


“I got to go and you finished your documentation before Ms. Hwang get’s here.”

“I know, I know,” Sooyoung said remembering how she got an earful to her the other day


Joohyun laughs as she starts walking trying so hard to stop herself from running to get out of there.

Sooyoung’s suspecting her already and her running like her life depended on it would just confirm it and she didn’t want to confirm it because there’s nothing to confirm.


Sooyoung couldn’t help herself from smiling looking at how awkward Joohyun was walking. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed it yourself but you’ve been smiling a lot lately.”



Joohyun sprints as soon as she’s out of Sooyoung’s sight, she stops and takes a breath when she reaches a few feet from the door of the rooftop. She and Seungwan have been meeting here for a week now. Before they bid goodbye on the first night that they talked Seungwan told her that she’ll be here feeling the wind and that if she has free time and it’s not too much trouble she asked to accompany her. Something that kept Joohyun awake that night and she didn’t know why.

The next day and when her break time comes Joohyun finds herself telling Joy that she'll take a break and go to the rooftop where Seungwan is.


Joohyun starts walking to the rooftop and the smile she has disappeared when she didn’t see Seungwan. She looked around but she couldn’t find her anywhere and the place feels so empty without her. She looks at her watch, she always finds Seungwan here during this time. She must be running late, Joohyun thought.

Joohyun is used to being alone and taking her time talking and being with someone takes a great effort from her so it wouldn’t look forceful or look rushed to just get it over with and go home.


But with Seungwan, she didn’t feel that way. She never once felt that way.


She felt sad and disappointed whenever her break time came to an end, in her mind, she would whine about how fast the time is passing by. She never felt the rush to go and make her rounds.

With Seungwan, she is there and living the moment.


She likes how for a short period Seungwan already made her feel too many things all at once. She made her smile and her heart jumped out. She made her realize that like others, she too has butterflies in her stomach. Seungwan made her feel so many things that she didn’t know what to make of them. Everything is new to her, she’s supposed to be scared, she wants to be scared and yet for some reason, she’s not.

Everything that Seungwan is making her feel makes her feel alive. Something she hasn’t felt for a long time.



She feels alive.



Seungwan made her feel alive.



Joohyun looked at her watch again, her break is almost over but there’s no sign of Seungwan. She would lie if she says that she’s not disappointed or sad, she is. For the first time in a long time, she looks forward to something, a thing that seems forgotten in her life.


Joohyun was in deep thoughts when someone spoke from behind.


“You must be Joohyun.”


Joohyun jumps out as she slowly turns. She looks familiar.


“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Hi,” Joohyun says

“I’m Kim Yeri, Seungwan unnie’s friend. We’ve met here before.”

‘She’s not going to jump.’”Yeah, I remember.” Joohyun smiles and notices the white coat Yeri is wearing “Are you a doctor?”

Yeri nodded “Cardiologist.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t notice the first time Doctor Kim.” Joohyun apologizes

“It’s okay, totally understandable,” Yeri said. Seungwan made a fool out of her so that’s understandable and speaking of Seungwan… Joohyun looked behind Yeri but there’s no sign of Seungwan.

“Seungwan unnie said you’re probably waiting here so she sent me.”

Joohyun felt shy. “She d— you didn’t have to.”

“She said that she’d go if I don’t and she can be very stubborn so...”

“I’m really sorry for troubling you, I did—“

“It’s okay.” Yeri assures her with a smile “And besides I’ve wanted to meet you, unnie has been telling me so much about you.”

Joohyun felt shy and felt the heat on her face, something that Seungwan never fails to do with or without her presence. “Where is she?” She managed to ask

“She’s in her room resting, she had an episode this morning.”

“Is she okay?” Joohyun asked worriedly, she had not thought of that. Seungwan has always been so lively every time she sees her that she sometimes forgot that she’s a patient here. “How is she?”

“She’s fine.” Yeri answered, that seem to pull out a thorn on her “She also asked me to tell you that she’s sorry that—“

“It’s okay, she didn’t have to.” Joohyun told her “As long as she’s fine that’s okay.”

Yeri nodded “Also—“

“Can I see her?” Joohyun asked but felt like begging

Yeri smiles “She actually asked me to tell you if you’d like to visit her sometime.”

“I’d love to.”



Joohyun didn’t know why she’s so nervous about today. She has checked herself on the mirror for nth before she leaves the house. It’s her day off today and she’s visiting Seungwan. It was two days ago when she met Yeri and told her Seungwan’s room number. God knows how hard she stopped herself from going to Seungwan at that very moment but she has work and responsibilities to do. Yesterday she went to see Seungwan during her break time but when she got there she’s sleeping soundly so she just left not wanting to wake her up after looking at her.


Joohyun takes a breath and knocks on Seungwan’s room and hears a “come in '', it was Seungwan. She slowly opened the door and saw Seungwan reading on the bed.


“H-Hi.” She greeted

Seungwan’s face lit up as soon as she saw Joohyun. She immediately put down the book she’s reading and get off on her bed and went to Joohyun. “Hi.”

“I brought you fruits,” Joohyun said then handed it to Seungwan

“You didn’t have to but thank you,” Seungwan says smiling as she put it on the table

“How are you?” Joohyun asked, she had been dying to ask that.

“So much better now.” Seungwan beaming a smile “A whole lot better.”


It’s still a mystery to Joohyun how Seungwan can make her smile so easily. She’d always heard people telling her that’s she’s too serious in life because she rarely smiles or assumed that’s she has this cold persona because she never really talks to anyone but with Seungwan it’s a different story. With her she just automatically smiles, with Seungwan every conversation was never forceful. It gets awkward at times but it’s one of those good kinds.


“Are you sure I’m not keeping you to something?” Seungwan asked, “You’ve been spending your days off visiting me for a month now, are you sure that’s okay?”

Joohyun nodded with a smile “I told you I have nothing to do at home or plans anywhere.”

“Still, it’s your off. You should be resting.”

“Trust me I feel more rested here with you,” Joohyun says before she realizes it. The urge to leave suddenly came into her “Seungwan I—“

“I’m glad.” Seungwan says softly “I feel the same with you.”



It’s her day off again and visited Seungwan. Yeri told her that she had just taken her medicine and is now resting to which Joohyun said that she’ll wait for her to wake up.


She sits at the end of the bed lightly not wanting to wake Seungwan up. She stares at her and a conversation with Sooyoung comes to her.


“What’s got you smiling like that?” Sooyoung asked after seeing Joohyun smiling at whatever it is that she’s looking at on her phone.

Joohyun immediately off her phone “Nothing.” Just Seungwan sending her a text about how she must’ve scared that one kid because she talks too much


“Yeah. Really.”

“Are you in love or something?” Sooyoung playfully says

Joohyun holds her breath, in love?


Joohyun has never been and didn’t know what it’s like to be in love but when Sooyoung asked if she’s in love she thought of Seungwan, just Seungwan, only her. Maybe she has already fallen in love with her but is not just aware of it. Or maybe she’s aware of it but knowing that she shouldn’t feel that way because Seungwan was just being friendly with her, Joohyun still finds herself falling hard for the sickly girl.


She’s in love with Seungwan, Joohyun already admitted that to herself, and you admitting being in love with someone and not is two different things. And ever since she admitted that to herself things became more complicated for Joohyun.

This time, she notices everything about Seungwan and every little thing she does.


The way they usually get shy with their sudden proximity, this time it was different at least to Joohyun.

She doesn’t just get shy anymore. She would find herself holding her breath each time.

She doesn’t just get flustered by Seungwan’s action anymore but felt like every butterfly in her stomach wakes up.

The way Seungwan smiles at her, talks, the way she moves, every little thing that she does, Joohyun couldn’t help but start giving meaning to everything that maybe… just maybe… that Seungwan feels the same.


But even if she didn’t, being like this is enough for Joohyun.



There are many things that Joohyun didn’t know she would come to love until she met Seungwan.


Cringe-worthy lines and actions always made Joohyun uncomfortable. She always wonders why some people like those things but when she met Seungwan she understood why.


Seungwan has this habit of throwing cheesy lines out of nowhere that always caught Joohyun off guard but for some reason, she would always find herself giggling into it. That’s when she realizes it, it’s not about the actions or lines it’s about the person.


Being alone with someone has always been dreadful to Joohyun. She’s never been good at talking or socializing, she prefers to stay at the back of the crowd enjoying her own company. She knows a lot of people but never someone she can call a friend. Sometimes she wishes she had been more sociable or made an effort when someone tries to befriend her but in her defense, they already left before she gets comfortable with them. Being alone with someone has always been uncomfortable and awkward for Joohyun but with Seungwan… with Seungwan it’s all light and she’s at ease as if they’ve known each other half of their life.


There are many things that Joohyun didn’t know she would come to love until she met Seungwan and one of the things she loves the most is those moments where words are not needed to be said and yet it tells everything.


There were times that Joohyun would stop from reading a book and look at Seungwan only to catch her looking at her already or sometimes it was Joohyun who was being caught by Seungwan but instead of asking things like, ‘why are you looking at me?’ or ‘do I have something on my face?’, they would just smile at each other.

And moments like this are what sometimes scare her because she’s making herself hope. And that they feel the same and that Seungwan is in love with her too.



It’s early afternoon and both of them are reading a book. It became her and Seungwan’s thing. They didn’t need to talk to each other the whole time to enjoy each other’s company and just enjoying the comfortable silence they shared.


But not this time


“I think I like you.”


Joohyun stops frozen on her spot. Forgetting everything she was reading.


“No, I mean I know I like you like I like you a hundred percent.”


Joohyun was still unmoving, not knowing what to do. She already accepted that Seungwan would never feel the same and that’s okay for her and that having Seungwan like this is enough for her.


“I’m sorry... I didn’t mean for this to be awkward for us. It’s just that… you look so perfect right now that I cannot stop myself. I’m usually good at reprimanding myself but with you…” Seungwan smiles to herself “I can’t seem to stop myself when it comes to you.”


Seungwan likes her.


She already gave up the idea of them being together but now here they are.

Seungwan likes her too.


Seungwan bit her lip, hating herself for turning things like this, Joohyun was nice enough to visit her all this time and she had to just make things awkward. Joohyun is one of the only few good things that she has going on right now and she had to ruin it. “Joohyun I’m s—“


“Me too.”


Seungwan blinks “What?”


Joohyun put down the book she was reading and looked at Seungwan. “I said me too Seungwan. I never told anyone about this but I do not like staying still because I hate the silence that follows it. I have to keep moving so that I can tell myself that I have something going on with my life. I don’t like being surrounded by people, let alone being alone with someone because it was too uncomfortable and unbearable for me. But with you, all those thoughts would just disappear like they don’t exist as if I didn’t live my whole life with them.”

“I love every moment with you, just sitting talking about anything, laughing about everything, even the silence that I dreaded so much.” Joohyun smiles at her as she reaches out her hand to her face “You made me sit and breathe. You made me appreciate the silence. You made me want to look forward to tomorrow.” And then she leaned forward and hugged Seungwan “You made me feel alive Seungwan, you’re making me feel alive.”


Seungwan broke into the biggest smile as she hugged Joohyun back, that’s one of the best things if not yet already that someone has ever told her. “I could die right now.”


Joohyun pulls back immediately and Seungwan laughs at the look on Joohyun’s face. “What can I do, you just made my heart stopped.”

“I do—“

“I love you.” Seungwan says softly making Joohyun stop “I’ve always wanted to tell you that but I’m always scared to because you might go away.”

“I’m not going away.” Joohyun says after recovering herself from what Seungwan said “If you didn’t say it I would have done it.”

“You would?”

Joohyun nodded, “Or else I would go crazy if I’m not there already.”

“I love you Joohyun.” Seungwan smiles softly and brightly “I’ve always wanted to say that.”

“I’ve always wanted to say that too.” Joohyun sweetly smiles at her “I love you Seungwan.”



“I knew it!” Sooyoung exclaims in excitement “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!”

Joohyun chuckles “You’re nosy that’s why.”

“I mean I know something is really going on with you but Seungwan?!” Sooyoung said in excitement

“Oh my God, lower your voice” Joohyun chuckles at her friend’s excitement


Joohyun isn’t one to tell news about her life most likely because one she never really sees the need and second because she never really has someone to tell the news to besides her family of course but now she has Sooyoung, who appointed herself as Joohyun’s best friend.


Just like how Sooyoung felt so comfortable with her and though they’ve only known each other for a short time Joohyun felt the same. She even tears up when Sooyoung told her that she's her best friend and would probably even cry if not for Sooyoung’s playful ‘Are you crying?’


So when Sooyoung asked her ‘what made you so happy these days?’ Joohyun told her about her and Seungwan. And Joohyun couldn’t be happier that she didn’t just find Seungwan but also Sooyoung.


“How do you know?” Joohyun asks

“Know what?”

“You know, me, something is going on, that I look happy.” Joohyun says shyly “You said I look happy.”

Sooyoung smiles “You’ve smiled more these past few days than the first five months that you’ve been here. You smile so bright that takes your beauty to another level that I don’t even know is still possible. You look alive unnie, you look so alive.”

Joohyun smiles softly “I feel alive too.”



“Are you happy? You look so happy.” Yeri told her “I can’t remember the last time you’re this happy.”

“I can’t remember the last time I’m this happy too.” Seungwan smiles softly “I feel like my heart is going to burst.”

Yeri smiles at her, she’s happy for her. Seungwan deserves to be happy more than anyone in this world. “I’m happy for you.”

“I still can’t believe it. How did I get so lucky? I must have saved the world in my past life, Joohyun is so beautiful, she’s so nice, smart, and funny, she’s just everything.” Seungwan says gushing to her now girlfriend “She’s perfect. How can someone be so perfect?”

Yeri chuckles “Nobody is perfect.”

“Joohyun is.”

“No, she’s not.”

“She is I’m telling you,” Seungwan stated

“Nobody is,” Yeri says and Seungwan was so ready to list everything that makes Joohyun perfect but before she could do so, Yeri added “In the eyes of someone who loves you with all of their heart, you will always be perfect even with all your flaws and imperfections. It’s not that she is perfect that’s why you love her, she is perfect because you love her, it’s your love that makes her perfect.”



“You really made this?” Seungwan asks grabbing another piece of macaroon

“You like it?”

“I love it, you didn’t tell me you know how to make this.”

“I didn’t.” Joohyun answered “I learned it a few days ago. I’ve always wanted to make something for you.”

Seungwan couldn’t help herself from smiling so big it could rip apart, she’s just so happy that Joohyun would do something like this for her “It’s my new favorite.”

Joohyun chuckles “Of course you will.”

“I’m serious, I can eat this all day,” Seungwan said sweetly as she took Joohyun’s hand. “Thank you.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Of course.” Seungwan says as she looks at Joohyun’s hand and nonchalantly said “You really have a baby hand.”

“No, I don’t.” Joohyun pulls her hand pouting

“I like it.” Seungwan says as he intertwines their hand “Fits perfectly on mine.”




“God gave me her.” Joohyun says “That’s the only possible explanation that I can think of on why an amazing person like her will choose to be with someone like me.”

“What do you mean someone like you? Unnie you are amazing too.” Joy tells her “Just because you love Seungwan that much doesn’t mean you get to down yourself to make a point on how amazing of a person she is. You are both great that’s why you deserve each other.”

Joohyun’s heart melted “Thank you and you’re amazing yourself too.”

“I know. “Joy says proudly

“I still wonder why you’re still single.”






“Okay be careful with your steps,” Seungwan says guiding a blindfolded Joohyun

Joohyun chuckles “Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise.”


Then after a few moments, though she can’t see it Joohyun can already tell where they are going and as if on cue, the wind blows on them.


Seungwan took Joohyun’s blindfold off “Surprise!”

Joohyun gasped as she saw the picnic set-up in front of her then to Seungwan smiling “Seungwan…”

Seungwan smiles from ear to ear as she leads her to sit down

“What’s the occasion?”

“Nothing, I just want to have a date with my girlfriend,”

“Thank you.” Joohyun can only say “This is amazing.”

“Do you like it? I want to take you on a normal and actual date but I—“

“I love it.” Joohyun told her with all sincerity “This is perfect, I couldn’t ask for more.”

Seugwan tears up, it’s eating her that she can’t take Joohyun out on a date as a normal couple does, and for Joohyun to say those words meant so much more to her “Really?”

Joohyun nodded smiling as she reached her hand to Seungwan’s face “I wouldn't have it any other way.”



Joohyun and Sooyoung had just taken their break and were on their way to Seungwan’s room. Sooyoung tagged along saying that she hasn’t seen her for a while when Joohyun said she’ll visit Seungwan.


Wendy had mentioned in one of their talks before that she’s friends with Sooyoung and she’s the one who’s in charge of Seungwan when she was admitted before. Of course, she never mentions it to Sooyoung before and though she’s curious to know more things about Seungwan through her she never asks.


First, Sooyoung wouldn’t let her live if she asks anything about her. Second, if Seungwan wanted to open things about her life to her she would and Joohyun respected that. She knows that Seungwan has this illness that’s keeping her in the hospital but she doesn't know what it is exactly. She never really asks about it, all she knows is what Seungwan had already told her; ‘I have a weak heart’.


They’re already on the floor where Seungwan room is when they saw nurses running on the corridor, doctors and nurses’ running isn’t new and more like a usual thing, they are saving people’s lives after all. But for some reason, Joohyun couldn’t explain the frightening feeling she’s having right now upon seeing them. She fastened her pace with Sooyoung trailing behind her and just in time, the moment she turned left she saw Yeri running on the other end of the hallway towards Seungwan’s room.


Joohyun’s fears heighten as she runs towards Seungwan’s room like she’s running for her life. She pushed open the door as soon as she reached her room and saw something she will never forget.


Seungwan’s lifeless body


They’ve known each other for almost a year and they’ve been dating for three months now, she’d seen her get weakens before even though Seungwan tried to hide it but never once did Joohyun saw Seungwan in this state, only now.

Seungwan was always lively and Joohyun always thought that she's getting better because Seungwan always says so, for someone who works in the medical field how can she not realize how serious Seungwan’s condition is.


Joohyun didn’t know what to do, whether to scream and call Seungwan’s name while Yeri resuscitates her or get on her knees and begged for Seungwan to not go, she didn’t know. She just lost it.


“She’s going to be fine,” Sooyoung says with a shaky voice as pulled Joohyun into a hug and tears pour out from her

“S-Seungwan…” Joohyun’s voice muffled “Seungw-wan…Seung..wan”

“She’s going to be fine,” Sooyoung repeats to comfort Joohyun but it sounded more like convincing herself.


And after what felt like forever,


“We got her back!” Someone from the staff says that seems to pull Joohyun back to her senses.


She looked at Seungwan and then the monitor on her side then to the sweating and panting Yeri beside Seungwan. Joohyun stares at her as if asking for a confirmation and gets it when Yeri nodded that seems to put life back into her, she rushed beside Seungwan and took her hand crying, and brought it to her face.


“Thank you.” Joohyun muttered in tears “Thank you for coming back.”



It’s been a week and Joohyun can’t seem to find herself stopping worrying every second of every day no matter how much Seungwan tells her that she’s okay. And no matter how much Joohyun wanted to believe her, no matter how much she hopes that she is okay she couldn’t. Not every time she closes her eyes, the image of Seungwan from last week is what she always sees.



She almost died.


She almost lost her.



So she did what she thought was best for her physically and emotionally right now. She took a one-week leave to look after Seungwan.


“Joohyun you didn’t have to,” Seungwan says softly

“But I want to,” Joohyun answers, after what happened and what she witnessed if she can be with Seungwan every second of the day she would.

“I know but—“

“Just let me…” Joohyun interrupts “Just let me be with you…please?” Seungwan could feel the fear written on her face.

“Okay,” Seungwan says as she pulls Joohyun into a hug. To tell her she’s okay, that she's going to be okay, that everything is going to be alright. Joohyun hugged her back, she hugged her so tightly as if she’d slip away if she didn’t.


She couldn’t imagine how hard it must be for Joohyun to see her like that. Joohyun was holding her hand when she woke up, eyes bulging from too much crying and crying again when their eyes met. Yeri told her that Joohyun never left her side and she was just there holding her hand waiting for her to wake up.


It breaks her heart to see her like that. It breaks her heart that Joohyun had to witness that. It breaks her heart that Joohyun’s heart is breaking because of her.



Joohyun was pushing Seungwan on a wheelchair, she insisted that she can walk just fine but Joohyun also insisted that she shouldn’t strain herself too much and can just walk on the stairs through the rooftop.

She hasn’t been able to leave her room for a few days now and now that she feels better, a few minutes outside wouldn’t hurt. Yeri advises her that she can go to the rooftop and take a fresh breath of air.


Seungwan breathes heavily, closing her eyes as the wind touches her face “Nothing beats fresh air.”


Joohyun watches Seungwan wishing for her to always stay like this, happy, healthy, and content and that to never happen again that terrifying image etched in her memory.

“Why are you crying?” Seungwan asks worriedly


Joohyun didn’t know she was crying until Seungwan noticed. She immediately wipes her tears “I’m fine.”


“I’m really fine.” Joohyun reassures Seungwan with a smile, noticing how she didn’t believe the first time she said “I’m just happy.”

“About what?”

“You. Just seeing you like this makes me so happy.”

Seungwan finally smiles, “I’m happy that you are happy.”

Joohyun walks closer hugging her “Can we just stay like this? I hope we can just stay like this.”

“Forever with you like this is a dream come true.” Seungwan says hugging her back “It’s more than I can ask for.” And that seems to stir something to Joohyun.

“Seungwan…” Joohyun says pulling back, staring at her

“What is it?”

Joohyun didn’t answer.

“Hey, you okay?” She asks, touching Joohyun’s face softly “What’s wrong?”


“Will you marry me?”


It took a moment before Seungwan could respond, thinking her ears are playing with her “What?”


“Let’s get married.”


“Joohyun, I…” Seungwan doesn't know what to do with that. She never thought she’d get a girlfriend in this life let alone marrying someone. The thought just never crossed her mind.

Joohyun is a miracle that she never thought she’d have, loving her is one thing but marrying?


“We can do it here, I’ve seen few people do tha—“

“I can’t...”

Joohyun felt her heart stop “What?”


Seungwan looked down “I can’t marry you.”


Joohyun, though her heart is breaking, tries to fight the tears from falling “Why?”

Seungwan looked up and met her eyes and Joohyun has never seen Seungwan’s eyes so sad and defeated the way it is right now “You know why.”

“Seungwan no, I don’t.” Joohyun said as tears fall from her eyes “And I don’t see any reason wh—“


“I’m dying.”


Seungwan says for the first time. From all the support she’s receiving around her from her family, friends, Yeri and Joohyun, she never had the heart to say that, at least not in front of them.


“Joohyun I’m dying.”


And as if saying that out loud isn’t heartbreaking enough, Seungwan realized that she didn’t know heartache until she saw the look on Joohyun’s face.


“Don’t say—“

“Just because nobody wants to say it doesn’t mean that I won’t”

Joohyun wipes her own tears “Isn’t that more of a reason on why you should marry me? We don’t know how much time we have so we have to make every moment and second worth it.”

“I can’t just marry you and leave you.” Seungwan tears fell. “I can’t do that to you.”

“Seungwan please…”

“I’m sorry Joohyun.”


“I want to marry her.” Seungwan says tearing up “God knows how much I want to marry her.”

“I know,” Yeri says,


They are now in Seungwan’s room, even from what happened Joohyun still looks at her with care and even asks Yeri to look after Seungwan while she goes and gets a change of clothes.


“But it’s just too selfish of me to do that. I don’t want to subject her to that kind of pain because I got selfish”

“What’s wrong about getting selfish?” Yeri asks, “What difference does it make anyway? She’ll still be in pain when that time comes.”

“But wouldn’t it hurt more?” Seungwan asks “Marry her only for me to leave her.”

“You leaving with regret and her living with the same regret, wouldn’t that hurt more?” It does. It will, she regretted it the moment she told her she can’t marry her.


“I want to spend the rest of my remaining life with her.”

“Then do it.” Yeri told her “Spend every moment of it with her without an ounce of hesitation. Spend every moment with her as if it’s your last and not like this. Your heart can stop any second and I’m sure you’ll never be at peace knowing that the last moment you have with her is this.” Seungwan will never forgive herself for that.


Seungwan sobs that turn to cry “I want to live Yerim-ah, I want to live more and spend a long time with her.”


Yeri’s tears fell, “I know… I know.”



To say that it’s heartbreaking for Yeri to see Seungwan like this is an understatement, she became a doctor because of her after all. They’ve known each other since they were little and Yeri had promised her that she’ll be a doctor and treat her only to end up like this.


She did become a doctor, a successful one at that but not even her knowledge or success can stop a tragedy that’s just waiting to happen. She can delay it, prolong Seungwan’s heart from beating but she can’t stop it. She can’t stop it from stopping.



Like what they do on their usual days, Seungwan rests on the bed while Joohyun sits and reads beside her.

Seungwan stares at her, tiredness and traces of sleepless nights are all over Joohyun’s face but still with all of that she is still the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.


“Marry me,” Seungwan says.

Joohyun froze. Just like how she was the first time Seungwan confessed to her in this very room.

“I know I’ve said all those things on why I can’t marry you but…” She trails “I want to be selfish. For once in my life, I want to be selfish.”


Joohyun looks at her with teary eyes


“And if it’s okay with you to marry someone as selfish as me, please marry me.”


Joohyun smiles with tears “Seungwan…”


Seungwan took her hand “Bae Joohyun, will you marry me?”




“Yes.” Joohyun nodded happily, “Of course yes, I’ll marry you.”


Seungwan breaks into a smile as Joohyun hugs her.



After a couple of days of preparation and using all their “connections” Sooyoung’s word they were able to set up and get ready in time for the wedding. With all their family members and very close friends present, Seungwan and Joohyun couldn’t ask for more.


Joohyun and Seungwan thought that when they announced to their friends and families that they are getting married, someone will laugh at them, disagreed on how ridiculous the idea is and that they’re not thinking at all and everything and even prepared themselves to stand by their decisions even without their blessings but none of it happens. It’s all “I’m happy for you” and “congratulations”, everyone was so supportive and excited.


They decided to hold it at the rooftop where they first met but were a little hesitant because they’re not sure if that’s possible and Yeri just said leave it to me and here they are, to where the two of them first met.


“I thought I'd be the most beautiful bride in the world but I’m taking it back, you can have that crown.” Sooyoung says looking at Joohyun “I’m happy for you. I’m happy for both of you.”


“Thank you.” Joohyun smiles



“How are you feeling?” Yeri asks beside Seungwan, they’re now just waiting at the front. Yeri agreed without a beat when Seugwan asks if she can be her best man and even says that she’ll volunteer herself if she doesn't ask.

“My heart is beating like crazy right now,” Seungwan breathes “Is that normal?”

Yeri smiles, pressing her shoulder “Given the situation, yes it is very normal. You’re getting married your heart is supposed to feel like it’ll burst. I'd very much stop this wedding if it didn’t.”


A few moments later, the wedding starts.


Everyone was in awe of Joohyun as she walked towards Seungwan, Seungwan was looking good herself but Joohyun… Joohyun is on another level, Seungwan still thinks about how she even got so lucky.

Everyone was in awe of her but she’s only seeing Seungwan, to Joohyun, she’s the most beautiful person that will ever exist and no one can change her mind.


“Why are you crying?” Joohyun asks wiping Seungwan tears when she reaches

“You’re not one to ask,” Seungwan says as she did the same to Joohyun, they are both crying.

“I can’t help it, I'm so happy.”

“Me too, I’m usually good with words but this feeling I have is something that I cannot explain.” Seungwan told her “You look perfect.”

“You are too.”


And so the vows begin.


Joohyun tears up even before she starts “Seungwan, I vow to always love you, to laugh and cry with you. I vow to always be by your side–for better or worse, in sickness and health. I vow that no matter what happens whether in this lifetime or on to the second, you will always have my heart.

Thank you for making me feel alive and what it is like to live, for making me realize that there’s more to life than we ever let on. Thank you for showing me and making me feel what it's like to love and be loved. Thank you for loving me with every beat of your heart. “


Seungwan wipes her tears, smiling, mouthing “I love you.”


“Joohyun…” Seungwan says she told herself to not cry so she can say her vows smoothly but seems like an impossible feat and cries already as soon as she says Joohyun’s name.


“I vow to love you with every beat of my heart and continuously love you even more even when it stops.”

Joohyun nodded softly, crying, smiling looking at her “I know you will.”


Yeri had to look up to stop herself from crying too much, Joy had to look down so no one would see her crying, while everyone cried with them.


“I vow to always be the wind that holds and comforts you when things get hard and when you feel like everything is lost and when you are lost. I vow to not just be the winds that are there when you’re having a hard time but to celebrate with you too. I vow to always be with you.”

“Thank you for giving me the will to live Joohyun. Thank you for loving me and coming into my life. Thank you and I love you.”


“I love you too,” Joohyun tells as she wipes Seungwan’s tears. “Always will.”




Joohyun was on her way to the nurse’s station when she saw Yeri running on the other side of the building, her heart dropped, that’s the way to Seungwan’s room. She was about to run to her room like her life was dependent on it when she heard her name from behind

“Unnie!” She stopped, it was Sooyoung “ER! Hurry!!”

For the first time in her career, Joohyun hesitated to run to the emergency room to attend to a patient. She should be running to the ER by now but all she could think of was she needed to see Seungwan.

“Come on, there’s been an accident.” In the end, Joohyun runs to follow Sooyoung while mumbling to herself, ‘Seungwan, please be okay.’


After what feels like forever, Joohyun runs to Seungwan’s room as soon as all the patients are attended to. She stopped when she saw Yeri went out of Seungwan’s room. Yeri notices her and walks towards her.


“Is she okay?” Joohyun asks when Yeri reaches her “I saw you earlier an—“

“We almost lost her… again.”

Joohyun felt her whole world stop like everything went black “I…uh… can I see her? Please I have to see her”

“She’s resting for no—“

“I promised I’ll be quiet, she won’t even know I’m there, I just need to see her.” Joohyun begs, “Yeri please.”

Yeri nodded, it’s not like she can’t stop her from seeing her after almost losing her.

“Thank you!” Joohyun says but before she could take another step Yeri called her.



Yeri cursed herself from what she’s about to say.

“Yeri, what is it?” Joohyun asks with a shaky voice “You’re sc—“

“You should prepare yourself.”

Joohyun felt her world stop for the second time. It was darker than earlier. “Why would you say that?” Tears fell down her eyes without her knowing.

“Unnie…” Yeri bit her lip, fighting the tears from falling, trembling.

“Don’t say that Yerim-ah.” Joohyun begs as she quickly wipes the tears from her face “Don’t say that please, I’m begging you.” Her voice is shaking, she is shaking.

This is the first time she heard Yeri say that. She’s always the one telling Seungwan to not think anything but that she will get better and that she will be fine and hearing that directly from her is far more than terrifying.

She locked away all the thoughts about a future where Seungwan didn't exist, never to be seen nor heard but just hearing those words from Yeri made it all back into the light.

“Seungwan unnie… she’s losing a part of her each time we bring her back.” Yeri says as tears fall from her eyes “We’re losing her each time.”

Joohyun knows that. Her strength, her voice, her smile and sooner or later they will lose her heart and she knows that and it pains her. If she can give her heart to Seungwan so she can live she will in a heartbeat but she can’t and it kills her every time.

It haunts her but despite that and selfish must it sound she always thanks God and always thank Seungwan for coming back because she’s not yet ready without her, she will never be ready for that.

A future without Seungwan is not a future. It’s a nightmare she can’t bear to live with.


“Joohyun…” Seungwan calls with all her strength “Joohyun…”

“Do you need something? What do you want?” Joohyun asks to check Seungwan. She must’ve stayed late again. Seungwan thought upon seeing her face.

Joohyun takes a leave from work and there’s no room for “no” when she tells Seungwan about it. Ever since then Joohyun pretty much lives at the hospital already.

“How are you feeling?”

“Fine.” Seungwan answers as she sits up “You should sleep more.”

“I’m fine,” Joohyun reassures her with a smile

“Come here.” Seungwan says, patting her side “Lay with me.”

Joohyun looks at her hesitantly

“It’s fine,” Seungwan assures her. Joohyun then went to her side carefully.

Joohyun likes this, hearing Seungwan’s heartbeat, it calms her.


“Aren’t you tired?” Seungwan asks suddenly, Joohyun's body went stiff.

“Never.” Joohyun answer’s “Are you?” she had to hold her breath for that.

Seungwan took a few good seconds before she answered “A little.”

Joohyun would call her a liar if she didn’t. Joohyun is totally aware of that. Even if Seungwan doesn’t say it, she could feel it, she could see it.

“I’m tired but I want to stay here with you like this as much as I can.”

Joohyun’s tears fell, damping Seungwan’s clothes “I know you’re tired and it must’ve been really hard for you but thank you. Thank you for still being with me.”

“I should be the one thanking you. It’s exhausting to be with me but you’re still here.”

“I’ll never get tired of you.”

“I know.”


After a few moments of silence, Joohyun sits up and looks at Seungwan.

“If the time comes that you feel like you can never go back to me.” Joohyun loathed the idea of having this kind of talk with Seungwan, she avoids it at all cost because talking about it feels like she’s already accepting it.

But she has to accept it.

“If that time comes…” Joohyun shed tears uncontrollably “P-Please say goodbye… don’t… don’t leave without saying goodbye.”

Seungwan smiles through tears “I won’t… I promise.”


Joohyun was woken up by that dreadful beeping sound coming from Seungwan’s monitor.

“Seungwan…” Joohyun calls but to no avail, she quickly pushes the emergency button, within a few seconds’ doctors and staff are surrounding Seungwan, and some of them asking Joohyun to leave because she wouldn’t.

“Unnie!” It was Sooyoung who came rushing,

“I can’t leave her.” Joohyun cries “I’m not going to leave her.”

“You’re not leaving her unnie, will be on the side so doctors can save her,” Sooyoung says, pulling Joohyun outside.


“Unnie!” Yeri screams running to them, she had just finished attending to another patient.


“Yerim-ah, please bring her back” Joohyun cries begging when Yeri reached the door to Seungwan’s room “Please bring her back, I haven’t said goodbye yet, we haven’t said goodbye.”

Joohyun falls on the floor lifelessly “Please let me say goodbye.”


Yeri rushed inside and found Dr. Kang performing CPR on Seungwan.


“Let me do it,” Yeri says, quickly performing the CPR as soon as Dr. Kang steps down.


“Don’t die on me” Yeri muttered “Don’t die on me unnie, don’t die on me…”

“You need to say goodbye.”

“I will never forgive you.”

“Joohyun unnie is waiting for you.”


And just like an answered prayer.


“She’s back, we got her back.” A staff said checking on her monitor


Yeri almost collapsed on Seungwan, performing CPR is one thing but talking while doing it can really take your strength away. But it seems to work because she got Seungwan back, it’s a miracle that she came back. Yeri was sure for a minute there that they already lost her.


Seungwan’s sister and parents are already outside her room. They’ve finished talking to Seungwan and as much as they wanted to stay inside, they understand that Joohyun and needed that for themselves.


“Yerim-ah, you’re a great doctor. You already save a lot of people’s lives and you will save more, I’m proud of you.” Seungwan says smiling at her

“I know.” Yeri says with a smile “I’m proud of you too.”

“Take care of Joohyun for me, will you?”

“I will.” Yeri answers holding back her tears

“Take care of yourself too, don’t work too much, and get some fun.”

“I’ll take care of myself, you don’t have to worry about me,” Yeri assures her

“I will miss you.” And that seems to open the dam on Yeri’s eyes

“I will miss you too.” Yeri said in tears as she hugged Seungwan “I will miss you.”


After a few seconds Yeri pulled from the hug “I should go.”

Seungwan nodded, “Go and save lives.”

“I will,” Yeri says with a smile as she holds Seungwan’s hand and grips it softly as Seungwan did the same with a smile.

“I’ll go and save lives,” Yeri said as she gave Seungwan one last grip before she let go. Yeri walks towards the door and before she could get out Seungwan calls her again.




Yeri turns to her, giving each other one last look.


Then smiles,


No words are needed, all the things they want to say to each other are all conveyed in those smiles.


Yeri’s tears pour down as soon as she closes the door. She leaned on the wall covering to prevent the sound from escaping. Losing her strength, she slides down on the floor as she cries her heart out.



“Do you remember what I said about what I wanted to be in my next life?” Seungwan asked

“Of course, how can I? Joohyun says with a smile “You said you wanted to be a wind.”

“I did… but I don’t want to be a wind on my next life anymore.” Seungwan told her “In my next life, I want to be me again. I want to be born as me again so I could meet you and fall in love with you again.” Seungwan told her, smiling “In my next life I will love you again.”

Joohyun cries, nodding “And I will be me again.”

“I’ll find you as early as I can so we can do all the things we couldn’t do now.”

“I will wait for you.”

“I’ll take you on a date and not just inside the four walls of this hospital. Outside, an actual date,” Seungwan says smiling imagining what it would be like to go on a date outside.

“All my dates with you inside these four walls are all amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world.” Joohyun told her “It doesn’t matter where we are, as long as I’m with you.”

“Me too.” Seungwan says as she reaches her hand on Joohyun’s face “As long as I’m with you.” She caressed her finger on Joohyun’s face gently and the tears she'd been holding back came pouring down “I’m going to miss you so much Joohyun, I love you so much.”

Joohyun took her hand and kissed it “And I love you more than anything in this world. I will always love you Seungwan.”

“I will always be by your side,”

“I know.” Joohyun smiles at her “I know.”

“I love you Joohyun.” Seungwan says as she wipes the tears on Joohyun’s face “I love you so much.”

“I love you Seungwan.” Joohyun says smiling “I love you.”

“There are so many things I still wanted to tell you and I’m really sorry that I won’t be able to.”

“It’s okay.” Joohyun smiles through tears “We have our next life for all of it.”

“I’ll wait for it.” Seungwan says smiling looking at her, memorizing every part of Joohyun “But for now I will be a wind.”

Joohyun nodded smiling “Go anywhere you want.”

“I will, but always remember that no matter how far I get I will find you and will always come back to you.”

“I know you will.” Joohyun tears fall non-stop as she kisses Seungwans’s forehead.


Seungwan closes her eyes smiling knowing that she’s leaving with everyone and Joohyun’s love for her.



“I’m sure there’s no other place Seungwan unnie would want her ashes to be scattered in than this place.” Yeri says with a smile “She never likes this hospital but this place, she loved it.” she says looking around “Knowing her, she loved this rooftop more than any place out there. This is where her life started. This is where she met you and all the memories you’ve made are all engraved here.


Joohyun smiles as she remembers how she and Seungwan first met. Her life started that day.


With a single blow of wind, her whole life changed.


Joohyun takes ashes out by hand and letting the wind take them.


“You’re one with the wind now my love,” Joohyun says with a smile


Unlike the cold wind the first day they met, today’s wind is nice, warmer, and comforting.


Just like Seungwan.





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