The Flower Shop Next Door


Wendy is an immortal alien who is stuck on earth for centuries now, she has travelled around the world through different identities and happens to be the young florist next door, in which is the same hometown 18 year old Joohyun along with her younger sister and mother have just moved in. The unlikely pair forms a friendship, which the mortal young woman named Joohyun realizes develops into a deeper emotion called love for the immortal ethereal being named, Wendy.

Unbeknownst to her about the woman’s real identity, what will happen after almost years of being turned down by Wendy, she learns that the woman is actually an immortal alien stuck on earth and she too has fallen for Joohyun?


I took the liberty to change some things from the original prompt like the age difference plus some other things, but story prompt will retain it’s 80-90% original content. It has always been my dream to write a fantasy au involving immortality and love, so I took the opportunity to finally dwell in this topic with the prompt I fell in love with, I hope you all enjoy the story! Trust the angst please, I won’t hurt you too much! T.T

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