complex. (hiatus)
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I look at the sink and take a deep breath, but that grouchy feeling in the chest is hard to ignore. As if my calf has a separate heart of their own, the muscles continue to throb as I stand before the sink, staring down at the pool of water.

It's tiring.

Days and nights spent in the practice room, forcing every part of the body to execute the same moves over and over again, and again, and again, until all verses are covered, then practising the whole song for hours until midnight. Then head back to the dorm, two hours, and boom, another day of work.

They were right when they said 'debut is not the end of it all', it is merely the start. In the first few months, I have asked myself a hundred times if I am made for this. To be a singer, an idol, a figure that has to bear the weight of the public's attention.

Before an answer comes out, a coping mechanism did. Right at this moment, starting from ten? Or fifteen minutes ago, the bathroom became my sanctuary in the company, a place to get a breather when things get a little too overwhelming. Though it's not for long, as Sumin would have noticed that someone is missing pretty soon...

"SEEUN UNNIE?" A thunderous voice echoes down the hallway, snapping me out from the thought.

I quickly open the tap and stretch my hands under the running water, even though I have not done anything that would get them dirty.

Footsteps walking down the hallway, the bathroom is located at an appropriate distance to prepare anyone from a sudden surprise.

By the time I close the tap, the door clicks open.

"Unnie?" Doe eyes me

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dsadsa #1
Chapter 5: It’s soooo good! Keep it up author-nim! Can’t wait for the next update.
Chapter 2: This story has a high quality writing for a fanfic of a new girl group in the kpop industry. I'm looking forward to having people do STAYC narratives and glad to know that you started lol I was about to do mine, but it's too soon for me yet. Fighting Author, you can do it! (Sorry for my bad english lol)