complex. (hiatus)
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She is quiet when she is asleep. Too quiet, in fact, that I sometimes worry that if she is actually awake. It makes no difference when she is not snoring, and sometimes awkward moments happen.

Like how she would suddenly open her eyes and freeze my gaze on her face.

And I have to lie that she snored.

Then with a questionable look, the two of us would get distracted by the snoring topic until someone stops us. Just like kids.

But it always works. At least she wouldn't recall and talk about it later. Or did I say she has lint on her face last time?

I can't remember. But those are lame excuses anyway. Excuses that help to cover up and doesn't have a huge effect. It's not like she would interrogate me someday in the future for lying that she has something on her face. What's the point of doing that even?

And where was I, ah, yes, awkward moments. I did notice the frequency of it when I am with Seeun, much more than how it would be with Yeeun. As the youngest trio, we hang out more than I would hang out with the rest of the members, though it doesn't affect how close we all are, I still always consider them two as the closest friends.

Yeeun is fun to tease, she gets fooled all the time. Perhaps because of that, sometimes it doesn't take that long before I go like 'hey, this is awkward' and deal with it. So coming to think of it, there weren't many moments where I am acting odd around her. And I certainly w

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dsadsa #1
Chapter 5: It’s soooo good! Keep it up author-nim! Can’t wait for the next update.
Chapter 2: This story has a high quality writing for a fanfic of a new girl group in the kpop industry. I'm looking forward to having people do STAYC narratives and glad to know that you started lol I was about to do mine, but it's too soon for me yet. Fighting Author, you can do it! (Sorry for my bad english lol)