[Always Open] You want me? I want you,baby. :winks:


An ads because i have no life. xD and kinda lonely. so,open me if you need plotting partner or if you're bored..or if you want someone to hold you hand. xD



A-yo! Listen Up! 

Are you feeling lonely and need friend?

or are you looking for someone to be you plotting partner?

This Ads is for you~. 


Hi!!! hello! I'm just a bored couch potato who want to try something new. okno. and someone who enjoy writing but bad *so so bad* at making starter. T_T So,If you've plots/ideas you want to try but yet to find a partner, just hmu :D I'm nice. I won't ghosting you i promise. (( as long as you're not ghosthing me TT))

  • I'm 20+ and i'm from GMT+8. i usually reply or active during evening/night. I'm usually busy during the day,but i'll reply when i can. I don't mind with one day reply. or if you reply me only once a day,as long as you didn't ghost me T_T
  • I might a bit awakward at 1st. but i'll be more talk-active and quite hyper. xD
  • And since it's nsfw. i hope you're on age. so, minor dni.but i'm okay if you wanted it to only sfw.
  • My current fc is Taeyong from NCT. and he always sub. i don't mind who's your fc. as long as you're comfortable just go with it. i'm not picky.*ps : might trying to fc-ing girl too xD looks down below for an update*
  • I'm sorry pretty ladies,It's and i'm looking for males (Dom/Switch). I don't mind if you're hard/soft dom.
  •  But,For you who still want to be a friend. just dm me your platfrom, i would love to have new friends. We can talk about everything from your daily life or you cant rant to me. i'm a good listener. I love reading and watching horror movies too. I'm not really into games. sorry T_T
  • I'm open to any kinks. hard/taboo/soft. AU/NON-AU. but i tend to stay far away from angst hehe.[but once in blue moon,i craved for angst too~] i love fluff/slice of life too~ my only limit is bloodplay. but worry not,i'll tell you if i'm uncomfortable. We can discuss our kinks/limits on DM if you want.
  • WARNING! Might a bit clingy or act cute around you. But that only when we're really close. 
  • I usually write in 2nd/3rd para. but i can also mirroring and the longer the better,since i tend to write longer paragraph
  • I've line and discord . [i have kik and telegram as well,but i'm barely there] just dm me/comment down below your platfrom if you're interested. Currently only active on LINE. 
  • We  can join rp together too if you want hehe as long as the platfrom is Facebook,Twitter and Instagram. I'm not on MEWE (i keep failed when i try to registered. so i give up xD) 




Hi again. Bored me suddenly got an idea to trying something new. So,i decide that :
  • i'll try to fc-ing a girl. I don't have any preference FC since i rarely FC-ing as girl. So if you're looking for sub female partner just hmu if you're interested.Just DM me with the FC you wanted me to be and the platform you're using *i have line,DC,KIK and Telegram.
  • Current Female FC : Karina (Aespa)
  • As Girl. I'm open for Straight/yuri (as long as your fc is dom)
  • For Kinks/Limit still the same as male me xD

Update : Currently in mood for something fluff. 

gimme a chance. i'm begging T-T
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