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Irene pov

So today I got married to a stranger. Right now I’m sitting in a huge limo which is taking me and my so called wife to our new house. I was forced in this marriage I don’t want anything to do with this or with the girl I’m sitting right next to. It disgust me to think anything that happened today. I always imagined my wedding with her not with a stranger. Her… girlfriend. My little baby bear. I was meant to marry the girl I loved. But my parents thought it will be better to sell me for the money. When we arrived at our house we both got off the car

“Wait a second unnie I will open the door” my wife said. I just nodded my head and let her open the door. The butler bought my suitcase and all of my stuff and went to put it in the master room.

“would you like something to eat” the chef asked.

“ no I’m ok “ I nodded at the chef and started walking 

“where are you going joohyun unnie” my wife said

“I’m tired because of wedding I’m going to rest”

“ohh but our room is upstairs the way you are going is one of the guest rooms joohyun unnie”

“you can use the room upstairs I will be okay down here and wendy” she looked at me

“only people who are close to me call me joohyun……. Its Irene for you” I said and went inside the room.

After changing into some comfortable clothes I went to bed and took out my phone and saw there were many messages congratulating me for this bull of marriage. I saw messages from my sisters sooyoung and yerim and some messages from my teddy bear. I checked my sisters messages first

Sooyoung: unnie did you reach safely. Is everything ok?

Joohyun: yeah we reached safely. Everything is as ok as it can be.

Yerim: unnie is she trying to do something bad to you. I will kill her if you want

Joohyun: don’t worry yerim I won’t let anything happen between us.

And lastly I opened her texts

Teddy: I’m sorry if this had to end like this hyunnie.

Teddy: I love you so much please come back I cannot live without you.

Teddy: I can’t provide what she can I’m just her employee but I can make you happy hyun. 

Teddy: I miss you and I love you so much joohyun.

When I saw her texts I can’t help myself buy cry. I think she must be drunk when she texted me this. I have to ensure she is safe and I know the person who wanted to fight for me and my teddy so I texted her.

Joohyun: yerim please check on seulgi she must be drunk and she cant control liquor well.

Immediately I got response from yeri

Yerim: I will check on her unnie. she must be at her home or the bar we usually go.

After around half an hour I got the message I was waiting for

Yerim: she is with me unnie. don’t worry.

Joohyun: thank you yerim. For everything.

And I finally placed my phone besides and soon the sleep took over me.


Wendy’s pov

 This is so awkward I don’t even know what to do in my own home. Why am I like this? I think I did something wrong for joohy….. Irene to be so cold toward me. I asked our chef Jason to cook something for both of and store half of it in the refrigerator for Irene to eat when she gets hungry. I told him to make anything but chicken as Irene unnie’s mother told me about unnie not liking chicken. I went to my room took a shower and went out to dining room to eat dinner.

“It taste really good Jason”

“thank you miss”

“hey I have told thousands of time to just call me wendy”


“no buts just call me wendy Jason”

“ok wendy I’m glad you like the food” he just smiled and went inside the kitchen again.

After eating I just went into my room and started working. Why can’t I just concentrate today. I

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Theresa89 #1
Chapter 7: i reread this story for the nth time, while waiting for the update. please comeback authornim
azuraboy #2
Please update author nim
Kpopno_ob21 #3
Chapter 7: I agree, too much is going on, I don't know what's going to happen. Hopefuly you didn't forget about this story, please update whenever you can
Chapter 7: Please update authornim
Chapter 7: Too much going on
seunwannie #6
Chapter 7: pls update omg
ppanibiased #7
Chapter 7: As much as I like wr, I don't want them to be endgame in this story. It won't make any sense if they end up together. What joohyun has for Wendy will not be love but a guilt. I hope Wendy can move on and start her relationship with Sooyoung
Chapter 7: I'm a wenrene enthusiasts,, but at this point of the story, where Irene was eating by her guilt of hurting Wendy thus I guess she will mistook it as love ..I don't think I want wenrene together, not in this way... If so it's better we have wenjoy
Chapter 7: I want wenrene endgame but I don't think so
Raschell12 #10
Wenjoy their chemistry is way better
And seulrene