she will never know

forever is a long time
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Joohyun gasped so loud when she arrived at the garden. Through the vines draping down to the height of her eyes, there is a girl sitting in the middle of the garden, right beside the Koi pond.

It is not surprising for someone to appear here, but it is when she is Kang Seulgi.

President of the student council and the arts club, claims that she's forced to study science but still gets a bunch of academic awards at the end of the year, best student of the year for two consecutive years voted by teachers, kind, friendly, compassionate, beautiful, has a great voice, even good at sports.

That Kang Seulgi.

And don't ask Joohyun why she knows so much about her.

Joohyun is starting to wonder if someone else knows this secret of hers, and use it as a joke against her. Because not only this is not funny at all, it means her deepest feelings are being exposed.

Kang Seulgi would never ask to see her in the garden. They don't even know each other.

But still, she walks into the garden, slowly entering her vicinity.

Seulgi turns around when she hears footsteps, flashing a friendly smile at Joohyun. "Oh, you came. Please have a seat here."

What? This is not what Joohyun has expected, like a crooked prank against her. She might have pictured Seulgi looking at her with a questionable face and go 'I don't know you, I am not the one who asked you to come here.'

And now, the first step has taken a different path.

"Do you perhaps...know me?" Joohyun takes a seat across Seulgi, noticing how this is a two-seater table. The thought of getting to sit down and talk to Seulgi only a table apart is driving her crazy; she's not even that nervous when she interviewed Seulgi last time on behalf of the journalist club for the year-end magazine, mainly because they are sitting on two sides of the conference table.

But even so, Joohyun doesn't expect Seulgi to know her, as an ordinary student in the journalist club whom she had seen face to face only once.

"I don't. But I figured we could do that from now on." Do smart students speak so beautifully? Joohyun wonders, only realizing the meaning of Seulgi's words later on as she blinks. "Do you mean-"

"Yes, I would like to be friends with you, if you don't mind that?" Joohyun can't even register the situation as she blinks rapidly, words falling out from her in an unlogical manner. "I- you- wait, uhm- hold on a second but..." Her brain has given up on coming up with a sentence that makes sense, and she wants to rip herself apart for being this incoherent.

Kang Seulgi, the oh-so-almighty Kang Seulgi, wants to be friends with her? Did she sign some genie program at night that made this wish co

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shinchan222 #1
Chapter 2: Please countinue this one shot series author nim. This is so cute
shinchan222 #2
Chapter 1: Cuteee!!!
evenwhenitsraining #3
Chapter 2: i love your writing and i'm looking forward to your future works/drabbles!
presyonumbah #4
Chapter 1: niceeeee. joohyun being the one who initiate thing is y