fourth finger

forever is a long time
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Joohyun takes a deep breath. A very deep one.

Her heart is drumming like the first time she went to the nightclub, resonating with the bass boosted music blasting behind her. But now it is a different situation; she is in an unfurnished house, and there is no sound except for the occasional conversations going on in the living room between her girlfriend and the property agent.

They are here to look at their new house, a place that will be filled with wonderful memories for the two of them. In fact, Joohyun is pretty sure this will be the one in the first ten minutes since they stepped in. Large windows, large space, enough sunlight, it ticks off everything Joohyun can ask for in a perfect house.

She is worried about something else.

No longer paying attention to what is being discussed outside, her fingers slip into the coat pocket and wrap around a tiny little box. The furry surface brings some warmth to her numb fingers, and she takes it out and holds it in her palm.

Before their trip here, Joohyun told her plans to the agent to ask for some alone time. The agent gladly agreed and promised that they could have sufficient time to themselves.

Bet he didn't know the woman is facing some problems now.

The trip is almost coming to an end, and Seulgi is just a wall apart asking the agent about renovation and maintenance. Joohyun is aware that the agent is waiting for her, so she makes difficult steps to the door and takes a peek.

With a quick glance, the agent catches her appearance and makes his leave through the entrance, not forgetting to throw her an encouraging look before he closes the door.

"What do you think?" Seulgi finally turns around with a wide smile on her face. "I think this place is perfect, and it is within our budget."

"I think so too," Joohyun pulls a nervous smile and decides to go with the conversation before transitioning to the next topic. "The rooms are pretty nice, we can plan them out and make you an office."

"That would be great!" Seulgi grins widely, not noticing the nerves on Joohyun's face. "Should we check out the rooms then?"

Joohyun gulps, grabbing Seulgi's wrist when she is about to walk away. "Wa-wait..."

"Unnie?" Seulgi blinks while looking down at their hands, turning to Joohyun when she stops her.

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shinchan222 #1
Chapter 2: Please countinue this one shot series author nim. This is so cute
shinchan222 #2
Chapter 1: Cuteee!!!
evenwhenitsraining #3
Chapter 2: i love your writing and i'm looking forward to your future works/drabbles!
presyonumbah #4
Chapter 1: niceeeee. joohyun being the one who initiate thing is y