Feet In The Sand

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Yerin doesn't believe in love at first sight. But what about second sight? Third? Fourth?

How many looks does it take to fall in love?


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EstherHwangEunbi #1
Yes finally 😍
Yerintopic #2
Chapter 2: Hello, i was surprised to get notif 😭 thank u for updating. So eunbi is the reason why yerin decided to be lifeguard? Interesting! Will be waiting for next chapter~
Andrea_97 #3
Chapter 2: you're back!!, thanks for the updateπŸ’•
Andrea_97 #4
please update this πŸ™πŸ», and really hoping this time sinrin have a happy ending
EstherHwangEunbi #5
Chapter 1: Wow it almost 2 month, still waiting for your update
EstherHwangEunbi #6
Chapter 1: Wow another sinrin 😍
neiihoney #7
Chapter 1: omg omgg can't wait for next chapters,, thank you,,i can't believe it 2024 and still can read sinrin fic :'D
Chapter 1: waiting for next chapters
Yerintopic #9
Chapter 1: Omggg new fic from u, seated
Andrea_97 #10
Chapter 1: new sinrin content! waiting the update~ 😌