lf: you.


as you can see from the title, i'm looking for... you. not trying to be Joe Goldberg or anything, but i'm just looking for some new friends.. or casual flirting?

i don't want to write long- descriptions because it'll seem boring. i'm definitely oa, just stating this in fact you don't want to interact with minors. (but i'm not saying that minors can't interact with me, you guys are welcomed, too.)

i'm also an adult with adult responsibilities so expect some slow replies, i don't ignore others on purpose. you can spam if you wanna. i would say i'm quite awkward at times, but i'll try my best to put the same effort. my fc is mostly HOT BOYS (jokes), but i'm currently fcing girls these past few days. i'll surely go back being Man. (ew)


hope this caught your attention, drop your handles by my pm. cheers.


oh and i'm not looking for s, sorry. 

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