First meeting πŸ’•

The mute beauty πŸ’•
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In an early morning, the father woke up with warm smile, stood up and went to wash up, after that he made simple breakfast for him and his son that's still sleeping tightly while hugging a comfy pink pillow.

Not even bothered by the sunlight when his father opened the curtain.

But he stirred as soon as his alarm rang, he sit up rubbing his eyes, looked at the bird shaped alarm with pouts.Β 

Another day where he have to go school.

" Jeonghan-ah ~come and have breakfast."

The pretty young man stood up and walked towards the kitchen, sat by the chair and looked at the pancake with honey on top and his coffee was ready too.

He smiled innocently and signed for his father a thanks.

The man patted his hair and give him a soft peck on his hair.

" Anytime son, appa will leave first so make sure you take the money I left for you." the man said as he held his coat, jeonghan nodded while eating there.

Drank his coffee while tapping on his phone till it's time to leave before his class.

On way out, he locked the door and while doing that a man from next door came out his apartment too and looked at him.

"Oh you must be the new neighbors, nice to meet you, I'm Choi seungcheol ~." he smiled softly, jeonghan tensed up, he bite his lips not sure how to great the man, does he knew sign language?!

The man saw the young man clutching on his bag, he frowned.

Saw him bowing before running away.

Seungcheol, their neighbor was speechless and disbelief for a few seconds before he ruffle the back of his hair with frown.

" That brat, did he just ignored me?!".

He murmured, went over his car and drove off to his work place while thinking about the boy.

He was so pretty thought.




Although he's mute, jeonghan didn't once stopped going to school or refused going cause he didn't want to disappoint his father cause his father sacrificed a lot for him, even the fact that he left his mother when she treated him badly because he wasn't able to speak.

He took care of him since young age so jeonghan's trying his best to make his father proud of him.

And he found this school near their apartment, it's belong to teen like him and teacher's very nice and kind to him so he's totally happy with his own life right now.

But the problem he mostly has, is when someone approaches him and talk to him, he tense up and forget how to explain that he's mute for the person to understand.

So he's kinda feeling bad for the man next door.

Shall he tell his father later?!

He pouted, looked out the bus window.

I bit he think I'm rude ~




During lunch break, his father texted him a voice mail, jeonghan opened it to hear.

" Jeonghan, appa will come pick you up at 2:30 PM is that good?!".

The man asked, jeonghan eventually texted back that it's fine cause his last class is at 1:00 till 1:50.

He smiled there.

Before moving here, they kinda suffered with money but his father finally found a great job at a company and now he get paid a lot compared to what he used to earn in the past.

So they moved here close finally, close to his father's work and his school.

He love their new apartment cause he have his own space and room,

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