That feeling πŸ¦‹πŸ’•

The mute beauty πŸ’•
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While he's walking to bus stations, a car pulled up and he could hear the familiar voice calling him.

Jeonghan looked there to see seungcheol, eyes widened innconetly.

" Come in jeonghan i will drive you."

He offered with gentle warm smile, meanwhile the lad hesitated but he ends up going in the passenger seat and sat there shyly and awkwardly.

He does not know what to sign because he's not sure if seungcheol understand him or not so he bowed as a thanks and seungcheol smiled.Β 

" It's fine, I actually asked your dad if I can drive you often cause my work is nearby anyway."

Jeonghan bite his lips.

Having to be around someone beside his dad makes him feel so nervous, also he can smell the man's cologne, it made him flush for some reason, took glance to his his suit, can't never deny how handsome he looks.

" Do you wanna buy some coffee before going?!".

He asked nicely, saw a coffee nearby.

He nodded shyly, seems so adorable making seungcheol smile to himself, bought for him and he took black coffee, jeonghan didn't understood how he drink such a bitter taste.Β 

" Your school is after this station right?!".

Jeonghan nodded, he was sure his father told him about his school.

" By the way jeonghan, I will be teaching you math in weekend, your father told me that you dislike homeroom teacher?!".

The lad was surprised, he looked at the man's eyes, seungcheol looking back, heart taken by the beautiful boy before his eyes.

" I was genuinely smart in math back in days and I reviewed the book you use, it was so easy so I will teach you on Friday. "

Jeonghan's heart fluttering, he hugged his backpack tight.

Nodded and signed for the man "Thank you."

Seungcheol looking before he smile warmly.

" Your welcome kid, have a nice day ~."

Jeonghan's eyes widened a little.

Does he knew sign language?!

He bowed his head a little and went out to his school since they arrived just now, seungcheol watched him going inside the school before he drove to his work place.

Lips on gentle smile.

" I can't wait to teach him honestly ~."




Jeonghan's father entered the apartment and found his son sitting by the coffee table while leaning his head and napping, his math book open to some page and he was still holding a pen.Β 

The man's heart softened, smiled softly and covered his son by his warm coat before he close the window because the air was cold.Β 

"I wonder if seungcheol drove him back?!". He asked himself, walked to take bath and during the evening period, jeonghan woke up, hair sticking everywhere and he wiped a drool.

" Slept well?!".<

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