A Lot Like Lois Lane and Superman

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It starts when one Kang Seulgi, typical school shadow-loser archetype, saves a bus from falling off a cliff on a fateful stormy night. She manages anyway, but it takes her about a whole minute to realize she did it with her bare hands. 




So this isn't a new project. I did say I won't be producing anything new until I clear out my drafts that if filled with stuff I have been promising a lot of people, and this is one among many.


This story has been produced in full in the form of a Twitter Social Media au (in Filipino), and published completely on my profile since the end of September 2020. However, I had friends who told me it needed to be published in English. And my good vegetable friend, Patatas, pointed out that it was better off told in narration. She sampled out what the first chapter would be like and I loved it.


Hence, here I am. I would like to clarify however that this will both be old and new. Old, because it's the same structure, the same premise; new, because there are finer details that simply cannot be translated. I have mulled over this predicament for a really long time, nearly a year in fact, and ultimately, I feel that this story will come off familiar to those who have lived the experience of the original work, but also an entirely different experience because culture is interesting like that. I do apologize in advance if there will be elements from the original work missing from this. (I know someone who might wring my neck for apologizing again mwehehe)


And of course, I think that every writer would want an opportunity to re-write their first work. I want to see how much I've grown.


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AnneTokki #1
Chapter 2: Hi, will you be completing this story? 🥺🙏
jieuniii #2
welcome back po ate red 🥺🥺🥺
Chapter 1: the name layl and rex still hits different
OMG! Inch restingggg how you will turn this AU into a fanfic. Labs ko yung llsm au masyado kahit medyo nasira yung utak ko kakaisip hahaha!
Chapter 2: Intrigued by how you plan to write this version.
And it did felt familiar and new at the same time. Hahaha
can't wait for more!
Serenity_love #7
Chapter 2: Woah this looks so interesting
KaiserKawaii #8
Wah! Read this in twitter.
ereni_r #9
Chapter 2: this is going to be one hell of a ride. 😂 thank you for updating!!!
lalaflourish #10
Chapter 2: SO GOOD