A Lot Like Lois Lane and Superman
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"I will never get your insane level of fascination for this stuff," the blonde softly grumbles as she moves to ease the building stiffness in her arms. If only her companion would move her head, she would at least have two functional arms. She chooses to stay quiet anyway, because she can never say no to Lisa—


—Lisa who thankfully and finally finds it in her to move. However, to the other girl's ever-so subtle disappointment, her best friend only moves to tuck herself impossibly closer. She even pulls the quilt over their legs, and the Cape has barely even left summer.


"Come on, just do it over," Lisa insists, finger popping out of her hoodie's sleeve as she vaguely beckons for the other girl to turn to the first page of the book she held.


"Like from the top? I have read you this like over and over and over—"


"—please, Chaeng," Lisa begs with a pout this time. "I'm obviously not asleep yet, yes?"


Chaeyoung finally huffs in defeat. She pauses and purses her lips as she raises a finger, "just once more tonight."


Lisa pumps a fist and immediately finds her place back on Chaeyoung's side—head tucked carefully on her best friend's shoulder. And before Chaeyoung could even utter a word, Lisa interrupts her once more, making a little jump as she does, "oh and wait—wait! Do it with that silly little old person voice! The one that makes you sound like the university librarian."


Chaeyoung deadpans, "so you know it's silly, but you make me do it anyway?"

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AnneTokki #1
Chapter 2: Hi, will you be completing this story? 🥺🙏
jieuniii #2
welcome back po ate red 🥺🥺🥺
Chapter 1: the name layl and rex still hits different
OMG! Inch restingggg how you will turn this AU into a fanfic. Labs ko yung llsm au masyado kahit medyo nasira yung utak ko kakaisip hahaha!
Chapter 2: Intrigued by how you plan to write this version.
And it did felt familiar and new at the same time. Hahaha
can't wait for more!
Serenity_love #7
Chapter 2: Woah this looks so interesting
KaiserKawaii #8
Wah! Read this in twitter.
ereni_r #9
Chapter 2: this is going to be one hell of a ride. 😂 thank you for updating!!!
lalaflourish #10
Chapter 2: SO GOOD