so if you're a ghoster, this is not built for you.


is there really no one here who doesn't ghost? T_T



hello! i'm in search of new friends for the 123456789th time. it would be great if you're as lifeless + jobless as me because i like to talk a lot.. :sob:

what you should know about me:

- residing at the plus side of the world but i often act like i'm a minus. (sleep is for the weak... but i'm weak.)

- a het female but not looking for anything special atm.

- decent at replying so if you're the type to only give one reply per day or none for days.. this ad isn't for you. deadass. (i'm seriously sick of ghosters! please understand.)

- i think i'm pretty good at making people laugh and i'm nice. i will always be there to lend you a shoulder. so please give me a chance to be your friend?

- even if you're no longer interested to talk to me, please. at least give me a closure about it.

if any of this interests you, please pm me with your dc id and i will make sure to hmu asap. till then! :kachow:

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