The Trouble Is You


              It was wrong to be near her. Oh, so wrong. 


When Jiyong first saw Sandara, the best word to describe her is trouble


She’s a spoiled brat. 

She parties. 

She drinks.

She cuss. 

But most of all— she has a reputation of a playgirl. 


He avoided her. Ignoring her was easy. But the girl is persistent! 


And he thought, what should we do when you encounter ‘trouble’? Control it. 



But what if the “trouble” is out of control? 



Will he be able to handle all the changes in his life? 



Or will he be unable to accept the fact that slowly and maybe, just maybe, she is the “trouble” he’s willing to take… 







thankyou for reading my story✨


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tokki9 #1
Chapter 14: Aigoo Jiyong you should make it up to Dara
bernie20 #2
Chapter 11: 😅😂🤣 yes Sandara let's talk about your proposal 😂😂😂
Go Jiyong💪🤣🤣
Love this🥰
Thank you for the update ☺️
bernie20 #3
Chapter 10: Darn...good thinking Sandara 👏👏
I wanna say thank you so much for the update..
Love this story...
tokki9 #4
Chapter 9: Kkk Dara you are in for a heartache
tokki9 #5
Chapter 7: Aigoo Dara you are so in denial but you are slowly falling kkk~but I wonder if this is just a game for Jiyong
tokki9 #6
Chapter 6: I fear that Dara will be the one being brokenhearted for the first time..she is clearly falling for Jiyong
tokki9 #7
Chapter 5: Is this the start of their friendship?
tokki9 #8
Chapter 4: Ooh exciting but I'm afraid that Dara will be the one who gets played in the end since Jiyong has not moved on yet from his ex
JiSandara #9
Chapter 2: Update pls🙏🙏🙏