Suho's sister

Joohyun and Suho. They were the most shipped students in their university with their charming and ethereal looks that people would admire and envy at, Joohyun is the goddess among goddess who went down on earth and show her beauty to the human beings while Suho is the proclaimed prince charming that'll capture your heart with just a blink of an eye, that is why the two were named as the power couple because of how they interact with each other.

Suho is a guy who everyone loves and wants, he is the flawless model that makes your heart throb. He is a part of the basketball team and a varsity , always tops his class and was named as their oh-so-handsome prom king, he is the perfect man that makes every girls legs tremble. He is a kind, sweet and gentleman who would always be there to understand you and love you with his whole being.

But the thing why people is so suspicious with their relationship is Joohyun spend her weekends hanging out on Suho's house, where they always play games from his PS4 and other video game related or they would play competitive board games where Suho always loses intentionally because he was trying to win over Irene's heart.

They would sometimes do project and homeworks together at his house and in his delight she would always agree, she would be even the first person to suggest such thing and it really doesn't mind Suho since he would like to get on Irene's pants but only after she became his girlfriend.

He was so happy the day that Irene accepted him as a friend atleast he could be closer to her, they would be eating at lunch together and laugh at each others not so funny at all jokes. But in this situation their admirers would be adoring their great visuals and how they look so good together and most of the time when Suho would bring this topic up, Joohyun would just shut him down and change to another topic.

At first he didn't want to force Joohyun on a relationship with him because he wanted her to fully submit herself to him, without commanding her or making any first move towards her.

He would be really excited whenever weekends come since Joohyun visits him and he wasn't even telling her to do so, she would just knock the door and barge in ,bringing some of snacks and drinks they would consume as they finish the day.

As time passes by he fell deeper and deeper in love with Joohyun because everytime they would eat at the table Joohyun would stare intensely at him sending seductive aura, whenever they would play different games she would look at him as if she was deeply enamoured to him, everytime they would make projects at his house she would cook for him and everytime they watch movies in the living room she would rest her head on his shoulder and smile contentedly.

Suho understood this signs and quickly realized that he should go and admit his feelings to the ethereal beauty , with a great determination he goes at her class and tries to ask her if she wanted to go home together but unfortunately her mom was at the gate waiting for her, so she had to reject his polite offer and she dashed off to the exit of the school.

His hopes and determination slowly went down but he knew he still had the chance so maybe he could ask her some time, since he thinks that she enjoys his company. He smiled knowingly that Joohyun is happy being beside him, he walks towards his small motorbike and wears his helmet or else his sister will keep scolding him if he won't, and worse she would take off his keys so how can he impress Joohyun?

--- ---

Joohyun is the school's pride wherein students from other universities or campus would visit their school just to get a glimpse of her beauty, receiving lots of gifts from men and women confessing their undying love to her but she never wanted those unnecessary attention for she is already attracted to someone else. Suho

The person who took care of her without any exchanges at all and treats her not because of her beauty, thus person treated her like a porcelain doll that might break so this person always handles her gently. The charming smile and face that makes Joohyun's heartbeat triple it's beat.

Everytime she'll visit their house she'd be delighted seeing this person smiling warmly to her, welcoming her open arms and would guide her through everything. She dreamt of this person for so long ever since she was a child she dreamt of this prince charming that would love her endlessly, and with this warm affection her brown orbs would always say I love you to the person that makes her stomach to be a whole butterfly show.

Yes it is Suho,  




































Suho's sister Wendy

Everytime they would eat at their house she would look the person behind Suho who looks hot while focusing on her school presentations and reports, everytime that they would play games she'll peek at his sister who always seems to be deep in thought she then smiles sheepishly, when they make their own projects and schoolworks at his house she would try to cook for Wendy and Wendy only, she only goes at the kitchen to spend time with Wendy who also likes cooking and tries to do silly things just to be given attention and she would shyly ask for help so Wendy would backhug her and her angelic face can be more closer to her, everytime that they would watch movies in their house she would turn her head and stare at Seungwan for long that it makes her neck stiff and forcibly lay her head on Suho's shoulder.

She doesn't know how and when did this start but she wanted to tell Suho that she is not into his charming smiles and laughs or his fashionable sense , he was never the reason why Irene looks sickingly in love . Whenever they would hang out seeing Seungwan makes her heart flip and Suho is just someone who keeps on pestering her and sometimes annoys her when she is with Wendy, he would find ways to interrupt their lovely moments which makes her a bit mad but she tries to make a good image in front of Suho's sister.

Maybe she should find a way to prevent Suho from intruding her moments with Seungwan

*** ***

A/N : I just thought that a good oneshot would clear my mind since school is slowly eating me up, there might be a chance that I would have a hard time updating ,but in my story Tiptoe through the tulips I'm still deciding when to make a sequel since I don't have enough time so I hope guys wait for a while , also the story Accidentally Tragic I might not update quickly since I'll try to focus on my school works but I will do my best to give you updates.

Stay safe guys and keep up a good health :)


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