A Promise To Forever and Always


They spent their youth together, tried to be an adult together, and be in each other life for more than a half of their age in this lifetime. And when something happened to one of them, ain't no way they let their brother suffered alone, right?





I'm not really confident with my english skill, especially the grammar, but this plot was kinda running around inside my head, hehe. I love Shinhwa since years ago, and miss them so much this year, sadly when I was checking their tags here, all my fave(s) author were kinda stop updating or in hiatus (sobs), so I want to contribute in hope, Shinhwa's fic author gonna be back too someday (fingercross)

Bcs Dongwan oppa is my bias, so it'd be his kinda centric-fic.

If you perhaps read this, please support this story, and cheer for me hehe


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missstery #1
Chapter 5: Thank you for a beautiful and touching story. I could see the support between them, and how childish they are amuses me a lot. I am glad to see that Dongwan understood that they will always be there for each other if necessary, and will find a way to solve any problem, I loved the ending. Take care and have a great week, I hope you keep writing about them, I would like to read more of your work. Greetings
missstery #2
Chapter 4: Andy and Jin are so childish, but still adorable. Their friendship is the best, how they care for each other is touching, it even made me want to cry the moment Dongwan had the nightmare, the good thing is that Minwoo was there for him and comforting him. Hopefully and Dongwan remember that he will always have them no matter what. Good chapter, thank you and take care.
missstery #3
Chapter 3: So touching, without a doubt a hug makes you feel much better always. Thanks for the update, take care and a hug for you too.
missstery #4
Chapter 2: Good chapter, it's hard to imagine Dongwan in that state knowing him and seeing him always be so active, I think that's why it hurts a bit. I was very touched by the friendship between them. I already want to see what will happen when he wake up, because being Dongwan, you don't know what to expect from him. And his mother is so cute with them, you really think they love everyone as if they were his children and they love the other parents as if they were theirs. Thanks for the update, take care and have a nice weekend.
missstery #5
Chapter 1: Intense and interesting start, I love Shinhwa and I miss them a lot too. It's always good to see new stories, I appreciate it. Trust yourself and your story regardless of the mistakes you think you might do, don't worry about it. English is not my first language, so I don't have good skills, some times I use the translator for help me. I will be waiting for the development of the story. Greetings and good job.