My Haven is You

My Haven is You

Changbin quietly entered the bedroom, gaze locking on Chan’s sleeping figure, blanket thrown messily on him, soft breaths leaving his mouth. It was pretty rare of the oldest to actually sleep this much.


But again, maybe it was because they decided to turn off his alarm.


They had a day off and they all knew what Chan would’ve done during their rest time. Clearly, not resting.


Changbin’s gaze traveled to his neck, down to his collarbone. Chan had the tendency to sleep half to their dismays. It should be illegal to look like this.


Changbin smiled as he hopped on the bed slowly, hands at either side of Chan’s head before he leaned, pressing his lips on the skin of his jaw, kissing lightly down his neck, earning a hum from his hyung.


Chan blinked tiredly, stirring from his sleep and letting out a groan when he felt a mouth the skin of his collarbone, “Bin ?” The younger hummed, not stopping until he was sure Chan had a hickey, “Wait— you’re not giving me a hickey, are you ?” he groaned softly when Changbin only continued, “you know it’s going to take some time before it disappeared ?”


Changbin pulled away, his lips, “Just use some foundation,” he grinned at him, “by the way, you should wake up, we’re waiting for you to eat.”


Chan blinked, before taking his phone to see it was past noon. He abruptly sat, looking in horror, “How is that possible I had my alarm—” he cut himself before looking at Changbin who just dashed away with a wink, “— Seo Changbin ! Come here !”


Chan ran after him, only to stop dead in his tracks when he almost slammed against Felix who had a big grin on his face.


“Morning mate, did you sleep well ?” He asked in English.


“Morning Lix, and yes I even slept too much ,” Glaring at Changbin who was in the kitchen and waving at him.


“Good ! Go wash yourself we’re all hungry,” Felix pushed him in the bathroom, cold hands pressed on his back and making him shiver, ignoring his protest of wanting to tackle Changbin.


Chan pouted and before he could close the door, Felix leaned to peck his lips, grinning happily before leaving him dumbfounded.


Chan’s ears turned red, frowning in confusion, “Why are they so touchy today ?” shrugging his shoulders before deciding to wash himself quickly.




Chan sighed happily as he entered the kitchen, humming as he could smell food cooking.


“The old man is finally awake ?” Jisung yelled from the couch, earning a fake yell of offence, “Finally I’m so hungry !”


“Go sit old man,” Minho told him as he finished cooking, Seungmin and Felix helping him setting up the small table in the living-room.


Chan plopped on the couch, stretching his arms before looking at all of them suspiciously, “Okay, who turned off my alarm ?”


Them avoiding his gaze or ignoring him answered his question, “No way, you were all in it ?” he sighed, slumping on the couch.


“You’ve been working too much these days,” Seungmin told him with a serious expression, “and it’s a day off, if you forgot .”


Changbin who had been hiding in the kitchen, sat next to Jisung, “We’re doing that for your sake, hyung.”


Chan sighed dramatically, “But I need to finish our songs for us to start writing the lyrics—”


“It’s a day off , hyung,” Jisung stressed the words, “you’re not supposed to work and we have time before making our next comeback.”


Chan pouted, pressing his head on the back of the couch and looking at the ceiling until Jeongin appeared in his field of vision.


“Don’t work too hard,” He said with a pout before kissing him. It was soft and Chan hummed when Jeongin pulled away with a smile.


Chan still couldn’t get used to their kisses, ears turning red while Jisung snorted at him. It didn’t feel right. He shouldn’t receive anything like that.


It was… weird for him to receive this type of love. Why though ? Maybe, because he didn’t feel like he deserved it.


If he had said that to them, he wouldn’t be surprised if they all decided to start being more cuddly and touchy with him, telling him how amazing and kind he was and how he should maybe stop thinking of others first.


Chan glanced at the food on the table, before smiling fondly as he looked at his family starting to eat and chat.


But again, he would sacrifice everything to see them happy.




Chan couldn’t get off the couch. Hyunjin had decided to sleep against him, hugging him tight as if his life depended on it. Which was rare, Hyunjin really didn’t like cuddles and what was even more suspicious was how everyone decided to shower him with love.


He puffed lightly as he looked at the TV, knowing he was trapped until Hyunjin decided to move.


He slowly passed his fingers through Hyunjin’s soft blonde hair who hummed happily, “Jinie, I need to go.”


Hyunjin shook his head, burying his face on his chest, “Nah, I’m comfortable here,” Chan smiled gently, not really resisting.


“Alright,” he pondered for a bit, his curiosity having the best of him, “mind telling me what’s going on with everyone ?”


Hyunjin lifted his head to stare in his eyes before tilting his head in surprise, “You actually don’t remember.”


Chan just raised an eyebrow in confusion, “Remember what ?”


Hyunjin shook his head, a big grin on his face, “Nothing,” he leaned down to kiss him, just a quick peck, “love you.”


Chan smiled, still confused about today but answering in a heartbeat, “Love you too.”




After finally being free of Hyunjin’s deadly hug, he hadn’t the time to do anything. Felix sat next to him, hands on his shoulders and slowly pressing on the skin, Chan letting a sigh of satisfaction. He hadn’t noticed how tense he had been these days and Felix giving him a massage was a benediction.


“God it feels good,” He mumbled in English, eyes shut in pleasure, imagining how Felix’s face must have brightened up.


Felix giggled happily, “I’m glad, just come to me when you need a massage.”


Chan hummed before he remembered Hyunjin’s words, had he forgotten something ? “Lix, is there… something I should remember today ?”


Felix rubbed a particular tense spot earning a soft groan, “Well, I don’t think so,” he sounded pensive, wondering what he meant before letting a noise of realization, “actually yeah, but that’s actually good you forgot.”


Chan puckered his lips, “Why can’t I remember it ?” he mumbled to himself, trying to think of anything, but there was nothing coming to his mind, especially when Felix’s hands were so expert-like on his skin.


Felix stopped after some time before hugging Chan by behind, pressing his forehead on his shoulder, Chan smiling at him, heart warming too much today.


“Yongbok ! You come play ?” Hyunjin yelled from his room and Felix just tightened his hug before releasing him and waving like a kid at Chan.


Chan snorted fondly.


What can I do without them ?




Chan jolted up when his headphones were taken, looking who dared done this to him and only pouting when he found Jisung glaring at him.


“What are you doing here ?” He asked him with furrowed eyebrows, even if he looked more cute than angry.


Chan smiled sheepishly, “Almost finish our last song—”


“A day off hyung, a day off ,” He sighed before putting on the table the pair of headphones and crossing his arms, looking like he wanted to scold him. “are you sure you know what a day off is ?”


Chan focused back on his computer with a smile, “Come on Sung, I almost finished and then I’ll come back to the dorm,” he started typing only to be stopped when he felt the sudden weight of Jisung on his back, his arms wrapping around him.


“But hyung I don’t want you to finish,” He whined, Chan sighing at his antics.


“In half an hour I’ll finish—” He cut himself when Jisung turned his chair to sit on his lap, sprawling on him and pressing his head on his shoulder, arms wrapping more comfortably around his middle like a kid.


“Come on Chanie hyung, we were supposed to cuddle all tonight,” He said with puffy cheeks and Chan almost succumbed, but he really had to finish now.


“Jisung really,” He spoke softly with a dramatic sigh and Jisung only grinned more.


“Nope hyung,” Even at his words, Chan turned back his chair to face his computer typing quickly, not caring in the slightest of Jisung’s whine. “Come on !”


That was until he felt lips pressing on his shoulder, Chan chewed on his lower lip as the kisses were getting closer to his neck, a place they all knew he was weak. “Are you actually ignoring me now ?” Jisung’s indignant expression made him laugh and he took a sharp breath when Jisung sat correctly on his lap, kissing his neck, before deciding to attack another weak spot, his earlobe.


Chan groaned a bit and shivered at the teeth biting on his earlobe, completely forgetting about the oh so important work. He whined in disappointment when Jisung pulled away with a smirk, “I finally have all of your attention,” Chan stared at him, gaze clouded with adoration and not processing Jisung’s actions, just looking at him save his work before turning off his computer. He hopped down the chair before standing up, “Let’s go hyung.”


Chan blinked before smiling, “Fine.”




“I ordered your favorite,” Seungmin told him when they arrived back at the dorm and Chan smiled at him, ruffling his hair in the process.


“Thank you,” He smiled while Jisung just dashed to his room, maybe to play with Jeongin and the others.


“Hyung,” He suddenly said after some time, when they both sat on the couch to look at a reality show on the TV.


Chan hummed, turning his head to stare at him and completely focusing on him, Seungmin just stared back at him as if gauging his reaction.


“You really don’t remember ?”


Chan parted his lips in confusion before shaking his head, “I guess I really don’t, why’s everyone asking me this today ?” He slumped against Seungmin who sighed at him, knowing he was going to be engulfed in a hug no matter what, “tell me.”


Seungmin just looked at the TV, “You’ll understand tonight.”


Chan whined before lifting himself, hands on the arm of the couch, at either side of Seungmin’s head, knees at both sides of his waist.


Seungmin raised an eyebrow, “What ?”


“I’m curious now, come on tell me,” He puckered his lips, “don’t tell me you’re going to prank me or something.”


Seungmin’s eyes glinted with emotions and Chan lost all of his childishness, wondering what was something that he had forgotten, if even Seungmin looked emotional for some reason and he didn’t know if he should be worried or not.


“Are you alright ?” He couldn’t help but ask, he never really liked when they hid their struggles but he wasn’t one to force someone to talk.


And Seungmin grinned, “I am,” before gripping his shirt and pulling on it to force Chan to lean, their lips meeting suddenly.


He didn’t have the time to savor it, Seungmin pushed him away a bit with a puppy-like smile, “I really am.”


Chan’s head was swimming with too much love right now, not understanding the meaning of his words which were so filled with honesty and he couldn’t help but smile giddily, Seungmin was too adorable.




“Hyung ! Let’s go !” Jeongin called him, Changbin by his side.


“Aye aye,” He answered back as he quickly wore his shoes, before noticing they were only three, “Minho isn’t coming ?” He hadn’t seen him excepted when they ate together at noon.


Changbin shook his head, “You know him, he’s lazy today.”


Chan puckered his lips, Minho enjoyed doing workout and never missed a day, they were clearly hiding something from him. But he decided to not ask. They would tell him at some point and since no one wanted to answer his questions, waiting was fine.


They exited their dorm to reach the floor where the gym was. It usually was empty, especially at seven in the afternoon.


“Let’s start our stretching !” Chan spoke, looking at Changbin rushing to the Bluetooth speaker and hooking his phone to it.


“Wait, let me choose a playlist,” Wondering for a few seconds before nodding at himself as he played one, the song filling the room with a strong melody.


“I’m surprised hyung has good taste,” Jeongin snickered, running away when Changbin started chasing him.


Chan laughed a bit, and they all started focusing on their stretching, Changbin complaining at everything he did.


It wasn’t long before they started working out, each one of them falling into a routine but still chatting and laughing together and even hyping up each other when needed.


“Come on Inie, one more,” Chan told him as he had his fingers around the bar but only brushing it as Jeongin puffed, groaning as he pushed up the weight, Chan helping him putting it back on its support. Jeongin panted, sitting on the bench as he wiped away the sweats of his forehead, catching the bottle of water Changbin threw at him.


“That was great !”


Jeongin hummed, “My shoulders still hurt from yesterday,” he complained.


“You should’ve told Lixie, he’s great at giving massages,” Chan told him with a pout, hands on Jeongin’s shoulders and massaging the place a bit.


Jeongin hummed, “It’s okay, I’m kind of satisfied with the pain, means I did well,” Changbin suddenly rushed to him to ruffle his hair earning a yell from the youngest.


“Our Inie’s doing so great, it makes me wanna cry,” Changbin said with a fake tearful expression, Jeongin rolling his eyes.


Chan smiled satisfied as he hugged him from behind, Jeongin making a face, “Get off me, we’re both sweating hyung.”


Chan shook his head, burying his face on his shoulder, “I don’t care, I wanna hug you.”


Changbin looked at them with disgust before focusing back on his workout.


“Why are you so cute Inie,” He asked without waiting for an actual answer while Jeongin struggled to free himself from his hug, “you’ll be the death of all of us.”


“Yah ! Get off Chanie hyung,” before slumping against Chan, giving up with a sigh.


Chan closed his eyes, smiling when he felt Jeongin taking his hands and making their fingers be entwined. He kissed his shoulder tenderly, content about today.


Changbin looked at his watch before he huffed tiredly, drinking water from his bottle, “Let’s go, it’s been two hours we’re here.”


They hummed in agreement, doing their last stretching session before Jeongin asked with a suspicious gaze.


“Lix hyung told me you didn’t remember today’s celebration,” He huffed out as he stretched his arms.


Chan pouted, “I don’t, and you all have been acting weird,” he frowned, glancing at them who shared a look, “why’s everyone so nice today ?”


“Yah ! What do you mean ? We’re always nice,” Changbin retorted, puffing his cheeks, Jeongin nodding at his words.


Chan snorted before shaking his head, “Sure.”


Changbin pouted before almost tackling Chan with his hug who yelped, stumbling a bit backward. “You see I’m always nice !”


Chan laughed while Jeongin just rolled his eyes as he tidied up the place, “Yeah but you’re nice only today,” he retorted with a whine only to be shut by Changbin’s lips.


Changbin wasn’t one to show a lot of affection, especially to the two oldests but when he did, Chan could feel his heart burst in his chest, closing his eyes happily. Chan was usually the one showing the most his affection to them, he just wanted to make them feel loved and happy.


Changbin pulled away with a small smile, “My love is hard to get,” he teased before leaving Chan still lingering on the kiss to annoy Jeongin.




Now that he noticed, today he didn’t have any alone time. There was always someone with him.


Just after coming out of his shower, he was being dragged by Minho into his room. He hadn’t seen him a lot today, but the small grin on his face always eased him.


“What is it ?” He asked as Minho pushed in his room before closing the door.


Minho only smiled, “Let me adore you today,” pushing Chan against the wall and their mouths met hastily, the older letting a hum of surprise before relaxing.


Minho was usually a bit rough with his kisses, controlling it as he wanted. But today he was less hungry, and more gentle.


It was the type of kiss that easily overwhelmed the older who moaned when Minho bit his lower lip.


The younger pulled away with a satisfied grin before pushing Chan to the bed, lips red and looking drunk on love, or high, god he loved them so much .


Minho joined him soon, but instead of continuing their making-out, he laid on top of him happily despite the yelp Chan let out.


Chan chuckled as he ruffled his hair, “It really must be a special day for everyone to act like this around me.”


“You sound as if we never show you how much we care about you,” Minho spoke with a snort.


“Well I guess I’m not used of everyone doing it at the same time,” He told him, biting on his lower lip when Minho started kissing his neck, hand slipping under his shirt and making him have goosebumps, “Minho,” he called weakly, if this kept happening today, he would lose his mind .


But Minho only hummed, as he pulled away staring at Chan with such love and adoration that the older blushed a bit, “Let’s go,” he stood up, taking his hand and pulling on it to help him stand up.


Chan smiled as he squeezed Minho’s hand, dragged by him, “Are you finally going to tell me what’s going on ?”


Minho just winked at him before they entered the living-room. Chan blinked as he looked at the cake on the table and a second after he was engulfed in a big hug by everyone.


“What’s going on ?”


They didn’t move away and Chan just blinked in confusion.


“Thank you for not giving up.”


Chan just frowned at Seungmin’s words, this latter hugging him tightly, “What ?”


They all slowly pulled away and Chan started to feel really overwhelmed by them.


“We know it must have been hard to keep training for so many years when everyone was debuting,” Felix spoke and his eyes were glassy but he kept smiling.


Hyunjin was still hugging him from behind, “We’re really thankful for everything you did for us,” he kissed his shoulder, “you’re working so hard for us and we wanted to give it back even just a bit.”


Chan was just dumbfounded before he felt Minho holding his hands.


“We’re not really great at showing you how much we love you,” He smiled gently, “but I hope you know we do, we really do.”


Chan’s heart was threatening to explode, just staring at them, trying to blink away his tears. He hadn’t expected their words to hit him so strongly. But he knew that even if they didn’t show it a lot, they loved him from the bottom of their hearts. And hearing them actually say it was still so… raw.


“It has been ten years you’re at JYP,” Changbin said with a shaky grin, “and we’re all so glad, so… thankful that you chose us as your family,” his voice started to sound choked with emotions, “thank you for trusting us.”


Chan’s own tears had already started to find their paths on his cheeks, wiping them away quickly, “What are you all saying,” he whined weakly. “It’s not even today, it’s tomorrow,” he complained.


“Yeah, but we wouldn’t have the time to beat you with our love,” Jisung retorted with shiny eyes, “you better enjoy this moment until it lasts.”


Chan’s lips trembled, Jisung moving his hands away to wipe his tears away more gently, “We really, really love you.”


Chan sniffled a bit when Jeongin hugged him again, “Thank you for helping us when we struggled, thank you for always being there when we needed some comfort, thank you for being our leader Chanie hyung.”


“Oh my god stop please,” His voice cracked a bit, if they wanted to make him feel loved, they did it, “I should be the one thanking you all,” he pouted earning a string of disagreement, “you were the ones who saved me.”


Chan opened wide his arms and he smiled when they all hugged him again, “If I had never met any of you, I wouldn’t be surprised if I would still be a trainee,” he closed his eyes, “it was hard, but when I met all of you it was as if I was living again, I’m really happy you’re my family.”


“Oh god I’m crying too now,” Hyunjin whined, his eyes filled with tears.


“I really couldn’t find anyone better than all of you,” He added with a sob, “thank you, thank you for trusting me,” He took a shaky breath, “I love you all.”


And in a heartbeat they all answered back with “I love you” and Chan could only cry, their words hitting his heart gently and warming it and feeling way too loved.


He felt so lucky, incredibly lucky to have this wonderful family.


Thank you for saving me.



Hi ! I'm a baby STAY ! :D
I've known them at God's Menu Era and I'm still amazed by how hard working Chan is. He's been someone I really appreciate and love (and completely my bias since the beginning), and I hope he'll take some time to rest and love himself a bit more.

Thank you for reading this One-Shot ! ><
There's actually another story on them I'm writing and I hope to post it next month !
Love you all <3

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Heyaaa ! I hope you like this floof story ! :D I love Chan too much and I decided to write a story of him !


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