tadaima  /  ただいま   anime roleplay. come plato with us!

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nowhere better than home! an open, cozy and loving place that welcomes people from all walks of life!
one. this is a a closed non-au, semi-lit anime roleplay,
interacting with outsiders is prohibited. subbing to the story
is mandatory, upvotes will be greatly appreciated, but are optional. basic roleplay rules
apply (no godmodding, no otp
or face chasing,...)
two. the tl is unrated, but
please act your character's age and be considerate of others
while tweeting! remember to be inclusive and talk to everyone! please avoid talking about triggering subjects, don't use (racial) slurs and refrain
from posting any spoilers! when talking OOC on tl, please use brackets and remember tl is strictly IC, starters, plotting, etc. are very welcome and highly appreciated!
three. we accept all characters (human, humanoid, furries, etc.) but will not accept characters
from heavily explicit or gore fiction. double accounting is prohibited. we only accept applications from accounts at
least 3 months old. we accept unlimited characters from any
title, but would love to see diversity in our masterlist!
four. you are free to introduce your character however you
please (carrd, thread, etc.) this
is not mandatory, but greatly appreciated. altering your character slightly is accepted,
but please don't change up their entire personality.
five. please dm base for a (semi-)hiatus, (t)cc or if you're dating! semi-hiatus lasts for two weeks, hiatus for one week. tccs and ccs are unlimited and can happen every three days, tccs
last for 48 hours. move-in
couples are welcome, there's a dating ban of 400 tweets and
one week of activity.
six. please contact the admins before doing any life changing plots (ex a pregnancy or
marriage plot, there is a 1
month marriage ban.)
seven. inactivity of four days leads to a kick out, if leaving please message the base! 
eight. don't hesitate to
message the base account or
any of the admins if there's anything you want to get off of your chest, we are here to help and guide.
nine. we want to really focus
on activity, inclusion and making this place fun and homey and
the best way to do this is
spending quality time together! (what is your OOC age?) this means weekly games and hangouts! 
ten. failure to complete any of
the above rules will either result in a warning or removal from this roleplay. we work with a strike
and blacklist system, you can
get up to three strikes before being blacklisted!
how to join
one. comment down below with:
your desired character
the password

you may reserve for yourself + 1 friend!
two. wait for an admin to accept your application before making your account. the un format is @tdmname / @nametdm! you have 24 hours to create your account after acceptance! please put "okaeri" anywhere in your bio!
three. mention
base and reach
50 tweets in 24 hours!
attack on titan.
sasha erwin hange mikasa
bungo stray dogs.
chainsaw man.
aki denji
demon slayer.
tanjiro nezuko kyojuro
genshin impact.
ningguang zhongli childe
sakusa atsumu bokuto akaashi

hypnosis mic.
jujutsu kaisen.
nobara gojo megumi toji
my hero academia.
yuri on ice.
featured members
who knows what the future might bring?
tanjiro. demon slayer i'm waiting for u, haikyuu!, sk8, genshin impact, black clover,
sailor moon!!! 
denji. megumi & kugisaki pls come, run with the wind's
haiji, anyone from fairy tail,
hxh's leorio, kekkai sensen's leonardo.
ugetsu. a3! members join now esp tenma to annoy, fruits basket
yuki, aot, hxh, sk8 miya.
doppo. more a3! members, hypmic and everyone.
sasha. aot esp new squad levi, hange, erwin, bean & sawney
(jk), KNB!! tokyo ghoul,
someone who can sponsor me food.
akaashi. more hq esp kenma,
ushijima, iwaizumi, kuroo, jjk, demon slayer's shinobu & nezuko, & more members in general.
atsumu & sakusa: march 21, 2021
bokuto & akaashi: april 20, 2021
zhongli & childe: may 2, 2021
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