Double Life


Sihyeon always liked sitting towards the back of her lecture hall. But so did the tall mysterious girl  Heo Yoorim. Sihyeon's friends are intimidated by the tall girl, but Sihyeon isn't and wants to know the girl more. At first, she thinks it's just fascination but sometimes fascination leads to so much more.  Yoorim was just in search of friendship, but she finds herself discovering something else as well along the way. Sihyeon/Aisha, Everglow Syeonsha


I wanted to release this for Everglow's 2nd Anniversary on 21st March, so I'm a little late! But I hope whoever comes across this enjoys it. It is my very first time attempting an actual AU instead of a fic based on real life, so any kind of feedback & comments are appreciated!

It's a Syeonsha fic set in a university setting. My inspiration was this VLive when Aisha joined halfway Onda & E:U halfway through and did some freestyle rap in her dark cap! 



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